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Robin Fox & Atom TM + Frank Bretschneider & Pierce Warnecke at HKW Berlin / Friday 30.01.2015

transmediale Festival 2015 ‘CAPTURE ALL tomorrow’ is presenting Double Vision, the German premiere of a new collaboration between the shape-shifting musician Atom™ and the Australian intermedia artist Robin Fox with the support: SINN + FORM by Frank Bretschneider and Pierce Warnecke.

The German premiere of a new collaboration between the shape-shifting musician Atom™ (aka. Uwe Schmidt, Atom Heart, Señor Coconut) and the Australian intermedia artist Robin Fox. The powerful three dimensional assault of sound and vision merges Fox’s synaesthetic laser-show and Schmidt’s deconstructed take on pop music in an attempt to explore affective involvement in a spectrum ranging from a near scientific demonstration of audiovisual phenomena to the playfulness of pop and back.


Since his early musical beginnings in 1985, uwe schmidt (atom™™) has earned global notoriety for his vast and variegated projects, number of releases, collaborations and musical styles. his catalogue includes works with and for artists such as depeche mode, air, bill laswell, yellow magic orchestra and towa tei, just to name a few. originally hailing from frankfurt, germany, uwe schmidt moved to santiago de chile in 1997.

After relocating, he released the internationally acclaimed album, »el baile aleman« under the project name señor coconut. after its release, »el baile aleman« was licensed internationally in many countries – germany, the u.k., france, spain, greece, turkey, hong kong, brasil, the u.s.a., mexico, japan and australia. with a demand in so many places, señor coconut began touring worldwide in 2001. in 2006, señor coconut was awarded a quartz 1 award for best arrangement & composition.


Frank Bretschneider is a musician, composer and video artist. His work is known for precise sound placement, complex, interwoven rhythm structures and its minimal, flowing approach. At Grand Jeté, Bretschneider will perform the audio-visual work super.trigger, his latest album for raster-noton.


Described as »abstract analogue pointilism«, »ambience for spaceports« or »hypnotic echochamber pulsebeat«, Bretschneider’s subtle and detailed music is echoed by his visuals: perfect translated realizations of the qualities found in music within visual phenomena.

Born in California in 1983, Pierce Warnecke worked for 10 years in France before graduating from Berklee College of Music de Boston. He currently lives in Berlin and in 2013 completed his Meisterschüler studies at Universität der Kunst, in Berlin (Kunst und Medien – with Dr Alberto de Campo). He is a media artist whose focus is equally split between aural and visual mediums and the many types of relationships between them.

transmediale Festival 2015 CAPTURE ALL tomorrow presents

Robin Fox & Atom TM + Frank Bretschneider & Pierce Warnecke

Friday, January 30th, 2015 | 21:00 CET
Haus der Kulturen der Welt | John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10 | 10557 Berlin/Mitte

www.hkw.de | robinfox.com.au | atom-tm.com | frankbretschneider.de | piercewarnecke.com

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