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Rendezvous #2 : Howool Baek & Plants and Empire and at ausland / Wednesday, 16.11.2016

The second evening of Rendezvous is a mix of the visual, audible and present time including a mix of video, electronics, articulate hand gestures and plants.

Rendezvous is a series of encounters: two acts conjoining on each evening embracing different approaches, directions and destinations. The series, taking place in the fall of 2016 in Berlin’s own ausland, composes three blind date duets of mixed genres that will perform distinctively one after the other, separating the two performances into halves over the course of the evening. These occasions look at how these halved meetings reveal an atypical perspective on how we create or view whole or completed pieces of work, often blanketed under the title: interdisciplinary.

In NOTHING for 60min-media part choreographer Howool Baek and sound designer/musician Matthias Erian introduce a light dance between the subtle perceptions of the body, media and sound without giving one more of a priority over the other.  Movement transforms into visuals, visuals are altered by sound, the starting point is the body but over time it reaches somehow far beyond it´s perceived limitations.  Working together collaboratively since 2009, the pieces developed between Howool Baek and Matthias Erian manage to equalize and distill two different mediums and present them as both a sonic and visually receptive experience.  The precision of each subtle twitch of the finger plays on par with Erian´s acute attention to frequencies and dis-placement of sound.  In and throughout their work, it is always a combination of the minuscule details that confronts the audience with new verses of perception.

“We know about ourselves. But what do others know about us?  They only see their opinion of me, look at a part of me and interpret it as they want. They think they know me.  But it’s NOTHING.”

Plants and Empire (aka Christina Ertl) revisits a concept presented in 2015 as part of Digital in Berlin´s own Kiezsalon together with the experimental filmmaker Sophie Watzlawick.  Producing sounds from and with plants, received by plants, transformed, generated and then again stimulated, Plants and Empire uses foliage and their not-so transparent histories as inspiration and inducers of her compositions.  In collaboration with the visual artist and filmmaker Sophie Watzlawick (LaborBerlin), the two artists will take apart the chestnut – its aesthetics, it´s story and its glory – and present an ongoing work-in-progress relating the two mediums to the plant and its origins.

Howool Baek & Plants and Empire and

Wednesday, 16th November 2016 | 20:00 CET
ausland | Lychener Strasse 60 | 10437 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

howool.wordpress.complantsandempire.tumblr.com | ausland-berlin.de

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