Rendezvous #1: North of North & To Meet (extended excerpts) at Ausland / Sunday, 25.09.2016

Rendezvous is a series of encounters:  two acts conjoining on each evening embracing different approaches, directions and destinations.  The series, taking place in the fall of 2016 in Berlin’s own ausland, composes three blind date duets of mixed genres that will perform distinctively one after the other, separating the two performances into halves over the course of the evening. These occasions look at how these halved meetings reveal an atypical perspective on how we create or view whole or completed pieces of work, often blanketed under the title: interdisciplinary.

The first evening of Rendezvous, taking place on Sunday, September 25th is a poetic affront of two acts carefully balancing the fine line between composition and improvisation:North of North (Anthony Pateras – piano, Scott Tinkler – trumpet, Errki Veltheim – violin) and To Meet (extended excerpt) with Alice Chauchat inviting Louise Trueheart – concept, choreography, performance.

Pondering the artistic and curatorial desire to deliver the interdisciplinary as one complete and well-rounded occasion or work, Rendezvous deliberately arranges each evening as halves in order to take this umbrella term under the lens and reevaluate how we arrived here. At what point did interdisciplinary art and practice become a necessity and why?  At what point does it become a mere default terminology?  The three dates offer different ways of viewing and interpreting this ongoing paradigm by showing how individual practices, i.e. music, can in itself and in it’s aura become something interdisciplinary without necessarily bridging distinct artistic boundaries that would categorize their practice “of or relating to more than one branch of knowledge.”  Sometimes the attraction happens naturally.  Wholeness is indeed formed from parts.

Placing two acts from different backgrounds and/or practices together, these meetings will be mixing genres, scenes, practices as well as common niche-audiences.  It will therefore not only be a meeting of artists coming together for the occasion, but also of individuals from different areas of interest coming together to intermingle with an unexpected exchange.  Rendezvous follows up the series Paradox & Parallels from the fall of 2015 and takes places within the morphing performance series Place Rhythm.  Pulse in ausland.   With an emphasis on sound, performance and presence, the series hosts and conjures with interdisciplinary arts and artists, and continues to keep the format and perception in flux so as to continually address the contradiction of the ways we make and market art.

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North of North are Anthony Pateras (Piano), Scott Tinkler (Trumpet) and Erkki Veltheim (Violin). Formed across Berlin/Melbourne in 2015, this trio present aural architectures using the moment itself as their structural compass. All are virtuosi on their given instruments and possess highly distinctive and individual performance languages, which results in a focused compositional performance that transcends typical improvisational relationships. Their debut album on Immediata is entitled The Moment In And Of Itself, which they will perform all over Europe in September/October.

“To Meet (extended excerpts)” – Alice Chauchat invites Louise Trueheart:  We feel the body between us as it swells and deflates, a game-loving shapeshifter of metric space, time space, attention space. We keep this distance, our meeting, changing. We talk because it’s practical. We dance because it helps us think. We make it a game so that the duet’s spectre can keep fluttering in our peripheral vision, keeping tune and time. There is no ideal synchronization, no clear guidance, no unverified trust in our unison. We’re befriending each other, dancing together and learning from each other. One invites the other to dance. One wants to carry the other around. One teaches the other a poem and holds her heart.

The project Rendezvous is financially supported by the district of Pankow, department of art and culture.

Rendezvous w/ North of North & To Meet (extended excerpt)

Sunday, 25th September 2016 | Door 20:00 CET | Start 20:30 CET
Ausland | lychener straße 60 | 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg


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