Picture: Valerio Tricoli by Traianos Pakioufakis
Picture: Valerio Tricoli by Traianos Pakioufakis

REFLUX – Festival for Contemporary Electroacoustic Music at Kleiner Wasserspeicher / Sunday, 18.9.2022

REFLUX – Festival for Contemporary Electroacoustic Music presents on 9 evenings in September, October and December 2022 each three different artists & composers from almost all continents.

REFLUX is the international continuation of FLUX FESTIVAL – Electroacoustic Music from Berlin which took place in 2018 on seven evenings with a total of 28 positions at Spektrum Neukölln. For each of these evenings we will present a classic in addition to two contemporary positions, so three concert parts of 30-40 minutes each. The program will be adapted to the acoustic and spatial peculiarities of each location or composed especially for these locations. The invited musicians each have an individual sound and formal language and are rarely heard in Berlin. We asked all artists for conceptual proposals, so that the program will be a balanced mixture of composition commissions/premieres, already existing works and rarely heard classics.

For more than ten years, Tomoko Sauvage has been investigating the sound and visual properties of water in different states, as well as those of ceramics, combined with electronics. Water drops, waves and bubbles are some of the elements she has been playing with to generate the fluid timbre. Since around 2010, hydrophonic feedback has been an obsession for the musician – an acoustic phenomenon that requires fine tuning depending on the amount of water, a subtle volume control and interaction with the acoustic space.

Circle of Light is a fascinating soundtrack to a film made in 1972 by Anthony Roland. A hauntological mixture of electronics and field recordings, it was composed by Delia Derbyshire (in collaboration with Elsa Stansfield) and, at 32 minutes, is the longest surviving piece of her music. Circle Of Light premiered at the Academy Cinema in Oxford Street on 28th March 1972, and three months later was selected to represent Great Britain in the Art Film class at the very well respected Cork International Festival. It won first prize. … There have been very occasional sightings of the film over the last few decades, but it has come into focus more recently because of the unreleased music and the dramatic rise in interest for all things Delia.’

“Among the great pioneers of electronic music, an often forgotten figure is Pietro Grossi (1917 – 2002). Composer and cellist, in the early 1950s Grossi began his experimentation in the field of electroacoustic music, and became one of the first composers to conduct successful research in the field of computer generated sound. Among his works, the seminal Visioni di Vita Spaziale (1967) is a collection of alien sounds (Piatti volanti, Tempesta Magnetica), field recordings captured in unreachable and only imagined places (Foresta Venusiana), an ethnographic archive of activities and music from extraterrestrial traditions (La fabbrica dei Robot, Musica Tradizionale, Organo Marziano). The improvisation that I will present at the Reflux Festival will take the form of a series of rearrangeable and superimposable visions or improvisational modules, which will hauntologically live in the incongruence of those futures, now lost, that moved Grossi’s sensitivity.”

REFLUX – Festival for Contemporary Electroacoustic Music

Tomoko Sauvage: »Waterbowls« (2022)
Delia Derbyshire: »Circle of Light« Film (1972) Introduction by Anthony Roland (Director)
Valerio Tricoli: »Visioni di Archeologia Spaziale (per Pietro Grossi)« (2022)

18.9.2022 | Doors 19:30 | Starts 20:00 CET
Kleiner Wasserspeicher | Diedenhofer Straße in 10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

zangimusic.wordpress.com | Event @ Facebook

REFLUX Festival is a production of zangimusic.wordpress.com with the financial support of Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Tickets are 15/10 Euro Festivalpass 90/60 Euro. Tickets are available at the door. Curated by Ignaz Schick and Werner Dafeldecker

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