Red Bull Music Academy London 2010 | Various Assets Free Download

This compilation represents the thirteenth edition of the Red Bull Music Academy, and the tracks you’ll hear are the result of a once-in-a-lifetime set of musical circumstances.
[audio:2-08 What’s It Gonna Be_.mp3] Collaborations between people who’d never met, but found contrasting keys next to Tower Bridge. Various Assets – Not For Sale: Red Bull Music Academy London 2010 boasts 41 exclusive collaborations by participants and lecturers from more than 30 countries.

A selection of tunes recorded at the Red Bull Music Academy London 2010[audio:2-15 Breathin’.mp3]

This year’s 60 participants brought diverse musical visions to London: providing panoramic windows into what’s going on in the 32 different countries they hail from. Similarly, the space in which they created was a window onto the host city. A place where walls reflected and bounced ideas rather than divided individuals.

Download the compilation in its full 320 kbit/s gloryhere.