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Random10//Beginn w/ OKO, R ND M, Cell Infadel, EMERGE, Gerald Fiebig, Don Vomp @ T Berlin | Friday, 30.05.2014

Random10 hosts a selection of renowned musicians of the german experimental music together with the usual audiovisual live act of R ND M and Cell Infadel. This time the two artists will improvise a live electronic session upon old experimental movies remixed with the addition of abstract colored scapes. Nevertheless the performance name is AvantFarbe!

This edition of Random will be the chance to see R ND M´s new stop motion video techniques while his broken/glitched rhythmic is interposed on the minimalistic sound synthesis of Cell Infadel. During the night will be presented Resonant Pathways as well, the first compilation of Concrete Cosmos is available in limited handmade stereo cassette and on Bandcamp, featuring R ND M, IOK1, Cell Infadel, Reflex Condition, Sympan Skyrodema, Clockwork Cicada vs. SCHULTZ.

R ND M | Industrial Nature

The two hosted live acts are OKO and EMERGE/Gerald Fiebig/Don Vomp: OKO is a musical and visual collaboration between two artists, both with an interest in improvised aggressive noise – performed live. Neither the sound nor the spectacle take center stage, but constantly wrestle for the spectator’s attention.

The performers are Robert Heim on electronics and Aleks Slota on voice and visuals. Heim has a long history of musical innovation, starting his musical career as a bassist in a variety of bands, moving on to creating live electronic dance music, ambient soundscapes and now live noise, in some ways coming full circle. Slota has been creating visual art for well over a decade, with a strong emphasis on performance art. He also provided vocals for the math metal band, Hexacron.

OKO | Hoarfrost

EMERGE, Gerald Fiebig, and Don Vomp are three artists associated with Attenuation Circuit, an Augsburg-based label for experimental music. In addition to budding artists, the label also releases music by established names of the experimental music scene, such as If,Bwana, Le Syndicat, and Nocturnal Emissions.

On this tour, violinist/guitarist Don Vomp and EMERGE and Gerald Fiebig, both performing with various electronic instruments, will explore different approaches for fusing electroacoustic composition with live electronics.

EMERGE is inspired by the minimalist traditions of experimentalism and non-academic noise music, focusing on generating acousmatic sound structures intended to make atmospheres that are open to each listener’s own interpretation.

The choice of sound sources is often very minimalistic, with his compositions often based on one single sound source, which thanks to a series of processes rarely allows recognition of the original sounds. He often uses source material created by other artists/musicians. EMERGE has worked with both Don Vomp and Gerald Fiebig in various projects. This tour will see their debut as a trio.

Gerald Fiebig produces electroacoustic compositions for performance, installation, and radio stations such as “Studio Akustische Kunst” (WDR), “Klangkunst” (Deutschlandradio Kultur), „Kunstradio“ (ORF), and „Arte electroacústica“ (RTP, Portugal).

Among other recognitions for his audio work, Fiebig received a TONSPUR artist-in-residence grant from quartier21/MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. In 2007, his piece “Identification de substances” (with Gerhard Zander) was shortlisted for the award of the Institut de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges. Gerald Fiebig is a member of the Association Presque Rien autour des amis de Luc Ferrari and of DEGEM, the German society for electroacoustic music.

Don Vomp was inspired to use the electric violin and guitar (effects) in experimental ways by the multi-faceted performances of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa as well as by the electronic sounds of the Krautrock pioneers. Thus he preferably works with electronic performers to combine different sound worlds.

After several live shows with EMERGE, Don Vomp collaborates with Gerald Fiebig for the first time on this tour. In performance, electroacoustic treatments of violin sounds meet the live violin and develop into complex structures between composition and improvisation.


Random10//Beginn w/ OKO, R ND M, Cell Infadel, EMERGE, Gerald Fiebig, Don Vomp

Friday, 30th May 2014 | 20:30 CET
T Berlin | Fidicinstr. 38 | 10965 Berlin/Kreuzberg

okonoise.bandcamp.com | concretecosmos.wordpress.com/random10 | tberlin.com

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