D/B Video Feature: Rains by Teebs and Jackhigh & The Tropics EP

Teebs and Jackhi is a collaborative project between our own Jackhigh and the US visual artist and beatmaker known as Teebs.
[audio:Teebs & jackhigh – idea 1 (clutch).mp3]As a member of the LA-based My Hollow Drum collective, Teebs is part of the much vaunted LA-based beats scene centred around Poo-Bah Records and the Dublab radio station.As well as being part of Brainfeeder, Flying Lotus’s hand-picked selection of artists and producers, with whom he recently toured Japan.

He recently created a collection of painted on record sleeves which has been widely exhibited around the world. His track WLTA was recently featured on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Wild Angels collection.

Rains by Teebs and Jackhigh
Music by Teebs and Jackhigh from the tropics EP released on Svetlana industries in april of 2010. Video and animation by Diagram Design.

The Tropics EP is something quite different and something quite special.

The seven track mini album is the product of an 18 month collaboration between LA based beatmaker Teebs and UK producer Jackhigh, and is already attracting serious praise.

http://www.svetlanaindustries.com | http://www.myspace.com/teeeb | http://diagramdesigns.com