Psycho and Plastic and Tengger at Madame Claude | Saturday, 10.01.2015

The live music programme Madame Claude gets of to a good start in 2015 with a numberof excellent live events including local electro duo Psycho & Plastic who will play another of their extroverted and inspiring live shows. Also on the billl are Korean electronic duo Tengger, so this is sure to be a top saturday night at our favourite Kreuzberg bars.

Driven by their unquenchable curiosity, audacious Berlin based duo Psycho & Plastic synchronize club and cortex. All neurons party hard, tearing up pigeonholes left and right, while limbs jerk polyrhythmically to the sound of a kick drum. Oscillating between galleries and squats, art happenings and day-glow decorated dance floors, you will find Psycho & Plastic at the far reaches of the electronic music universe.

Psycho & Plastic | Matekater

Wherever they touch down, they conjure up their unique, visceral sound from the betwixt and between of quantised grid patterns – always eccentric and utterly mad, but never misguided. Carrying an arsenal of effects, pedals, blinking synths, and bleeping processors worthy of the multi instrumentalists they are, Psycho & Plastic sweep audiences off their feet with a vibrant set of live performed electronic dance music. Lending two ears to the dance floor and two to the zeitgeist has established itself as their trusted means against mediocrity.

Psycho & Plastic | Secret rehearsal

Whether it is playing live, producing a record as part of an artists-in-residence programme, or collaborating with visual artists on new cover artwork, Psycho & Plastic absolutely thrive in creative surroundings. In order to carry on pushing the envelope in a self- determined manner, Thomas Tichai and Alexandre Decoupigny have set up their own label GiveUsYourGOLD, on which their musical output as Psycho & Plastic is released. Psycho & Plastic are: Thomas Tichai and Alexandre Decoupigny


TENGGER (formerly ’10’) is an electronic psychedelic musical duo based in Japan and South Korea that has toured extensively in Asia, Europe, and the USA. The natures of abroad have lead them to consider the environment more carefully, so they finally changed their name to TENGGER (in Mongolian it means huge, infinite sky while in Hungarian it means big, infinite ocean.). TENGGER are coming back to Europe again.

Psycho & Plastic and Tengger LIVE

Saturday, 10th January 2014 | 21:00 CET
Madame Claude | Lübbener Str.19 | 10997 Berlin/Kreuzberg | Event @ Facebook | |


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