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D/B Recommended: Psycho & Plastic, Strip Down, Ab Syndrom @ ZMF Berlin | Friday, 25.01.2013

As a release party for their brand new 12″ EP Shibuya Beach the Berlin future-electro-synth-rap duo Psycho & Plastic will give another of their fiery live shows at ZMF this Friday.

With live support from Strip Down and Ab Syndrome plus Loophole’s LoopReaktor DJs you can count on this being an excellent party.

Not too long ago, club culture was still considered a field for experimentation, promising a free space, socially and musically. However, contrary to the commonly assumed mentality of “anything goes”, the ground has since been divided up by strict dogmatic and genre-specific boundaries.

Psycho & Plastic | Studio Session

Against all this, the duo Psycho & Plastic direct their full thrust of beats, guitars and vocals. This is the sound so dearly missed in today’s streamlined event culture. You freed your ass in the club, now it’s time to tear down the walls in your mind!

Psycho & Plastic, Strip Down, Ab Syndrome  LIVE
presented by Loophole / LoopReaktor

Friday, 25 January 2013 | 22:00 CET
ZMF | Street | 10178 Berlin/Mitte