Isolated Point


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Isolated Point is the second album by Piotr Bednarczyk under his LOUFR moniker and one of the inaugural releases on Digital in Berlin. Drawing on elements from contemporary club music, IDM, and noise as well as vocal manipulation, Bednarczyk injects everything that feels familiar or comfortable with eerie undertones. It’s an ambiguous album—a product and an expression of the process of confronting thought as sound.

If the music of Piotr Bednarczyk seems uncanny, that is only because it hits too close to home. Under his LOUFR moniker, the Polish composer works inside but thinks outside the box, using digital means to transform personal thoughts into concrete sounds and rhythms that are presented to the listeners in the shape of abstract compositions.

After his first album already drew on experimental club music, IDM techniques and a healthy dose of noise, his sophomore full-length for the newly launched Digital in Berlin label takes this process even further. The nine tracks on “Isolated Point” are as forceful and tangible as they are tender and evocative, creating an emotional ambiguity that leaves them open to interpretation.

This ambiguity is deeply rooted in Bednarczyk’s working process, during which he uses acoustic sounds such as those of string instruments as well as the human voice as the starting point for rigorous abstractions and subtle acts of deconstruction. This includes using lyrics for the heavily manipulated vocals that at first seem cryptic—though on a hyperballad like “Flowers”, they reveal more meaning with further listens.

The same can be said about his use of rhythm and dynamics which are heavily inspired by the physicality and suggestiveness of club music. Tracks like “Perfect Creature”, “Future”, or “Gone?”, however, transform established formulas beyond the point of recognition. These are tracks that can hardly be danced to, yet that is precisely why they are so moving.


LOUFR is Polish composer Piotr Bednarczyk. His music is focused mainly on instrumental electroacoustic and electronic music. In his work he focuses on searching for interesting sound structures using unconventional sound extraction techniques and vocal processing. LOUFR’s stylistic interests revolve around aesthetics of noise, deconstructed club and hyperpop music. He completed composition at the Academy of Music in Wrocław. Currently he is a student of medicine in Warsaw. LOUFR is his solo project, but as a composer he collaborated with ensembles like Ensemble Adapter, Garage Ensemble, Twenty Fingers Duo, Ensemble Kompopolex, Ensemble Synaesthesis, Black Page Ensembles and others.
Written and produced by Piotr Bednarczyk
Artwork and Design by Fons Hickmann M23
Mastering by Arnold Kasar
Formats: CD (300 numbered) / digital
Release date: Friday, August 19, 2022
Release concert: Saturday, August, 27 2022 | Kiezsalon
1. tryx 01:09
2. perfect creature 03:08
3. future 03:06
4. flowers 02:54
5. again the same 02:47
6. gone? 02:29
7. isolated point 14:15
8. run 01:37
9. one 02:11

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