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D/B Festival Feature: PLATEAUX Festival in Poland, November 19-21, 2009

The PLATEAUX Festival presenting the newest and most interesting multimedia artists, praised and prize-winning audiovisual art, experimental films, electronic and electro acoustic music and vj-art.

Leading audiovisual artists for the first time in Poland: deaf center [NO] + claudio sinatti [IT], glitterbug [IL/DE] + ronni shendar [IL], tilman ehrhorn [DE], byetone [DE], lusine [US], ezekiel honig [US], morgan packard [US], joshue ott [US], simon scott [UK], svarte greiner [NO], chris herbert [UK]

Projects and installations prepared specially for the event or shown uniquely: akufen [CA], fennesz [AT] + lillevan [DE], deaf center [NO] + claudio sinatti [IT], bodycode [US], sutekh [US], snd [UK], the sight below [US] + simon scott [UK], tilman ehrhorn [DE] + geometria [PL], lawrence english [AU] + makino takashi [JP], kirk [PL] + jeffers egan [US]

Fennesz + Lillevan

Experimental cinema screenings by utp_ [DE], RÜTS [BE], Vidos [DE], Audio.Visual [DE], Attack on Silence [UK], Visual Music [IT], When The Eye Flickers [IT]

Workshops, lectures, discussions – artists performing during the festival also as guides and teachers, lecturers treating the theoretical, practical and technical aspects of audiovisual domain. Workshops conducted with the most advanced professional equipment broadly used when creating and performing audiovisual arts.  http://www.plateauxfestival.pl

Lawrence English