Peter Broderick & Band + Islaja at Roter Salon / Monday, 27.10.2014

(Colours Of The Night) Satellite is Peter Broderick’s first song-based release in two years, during which the singer-songwriter-composer-multi-instrumentalist and serial collaborator was struck down by a debilitating illness that forced him to re-evaluate his life.

It meant a scaled-back workload and moving from his Berlin home back to his home state of Oregon. Thankfully, after a period of rehabilitation, he’s now back on track.

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“One of the record’s main themes is how bad stuff can have a rejuvenating effect,” says Broderick. The EP opens with ‘Colours Of The Night (Satellite Version)’, a sparkling, Afro-pop-tinged beauty that embodies the concept. “Night time is so monochromatic, but actually there are all these different shades of grey. I’ve often explored melancholic moods before, but this time I wanted a balance of darkness and light. I wouldn’t feel so happy now without the struggle.”

A rejuvenated Broderick began recording again. Back in Berlin, an alternate, dub-enhanced and expanded version of ‘Colours of The Night’ was created by best friend and collaborator Greg Haines. He also helped record the EP’s closing track ‘More And More (Mouth Trumpet Version)’, with its beautiful and uncanny brass coda sung by what Broderick calls his, “fake trumpet voice.”

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‘Take Me Back’ – another exquisitely tender ballad – alongside ‘Love Defines Me’ and ‘Colours Of The Night (Satellite Version)’ – was recorded in Switzerland, as was Broderick’s forthcoming album (which Bella Union will release in spring 2015).

Friendships developed on tour led to an offer to record in Lucerne with producer-engineer Timo Keller and Broderick’s first studio experience with a ‘pick-up’ band. This sense of a new phase in his life will continue when the same musicians will be his backing band on his European tour this autumn, which will help banish the memory of 2012’s lost opportunities.

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Despite its European origins, Broderick says (Colours Of The Night’) Satellite was inspired by, “getting back in touch with my American-ness,” after seven years living abroad.

He name-checks Neil Young, Chet Baker and Arthur Russell as particular influences, which is America as it should be, a mix of folk, jazz, rock and rhythm that perfectly reflects Broderick’s new music, which sounds like the cleanest bill of health that anyone could possibly hope for.


ISLAJA has been part of the contemporary music scene for several years already producing wonderfully arranged surreal pop-tracks in her solo work as in Keraaminen Pää 2010 as well as in collaboration with other musicians as the Hertta Lussu Ässä project in 2011, released on De Stijl (USA) or recently as a contributor to AGF’s Kuuntele compilation in 2013. In total she has previously had four full length albums on Finnish label Fonal plus one on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace! Records.

Still, so far it has mainly been insiders of the underground music scene that have been familiar with her work. Her music is associated strongly to the D.I.Y. scene so represents a prime example of a female musician who has developed a singular musical and aesthetic expression. Now with her fifth album appearing on Gudrun Gut’s monika enterprise in spring 2014, the latest activities of Berlin based Finnish pop-musician ISLAJA have shown a surprising change in style and sound.

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Peter Broderick & Band + Islaja

Monday, 27th October 2014 | 21:00 CET
Roter Salon in der Volksbühne | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 10178 Berlin/Mitte | |


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