Hier findet Ihr unsere Leistungen für Medienpartnerschaften und Kooperationen.

Osmodrama Festival at St. Johannes Evangelist Kirche / Friday, 15.07.2016

Installations, movie screenings, literary readings, performances and discussions will take place from July 15th to September 18th in the St. Johannes-Evangelist-Kirche in Berlin-Mitte. Scent composition opens up new avenues and opportunities for artistic expression. Among other presentations will also be the premieres of work by director Edgar Reitz, dOCUMENTA-artist Omer Fast, and actress Eva Mattes.

Within a nine week time frame the festival will include laboratory experiences, readings, performances, concerts, and presentations. Wolfgang Georgsdorf, inventor of the electronic scent organ Smeller 2.0, has developed works for the festival in collaboration with artists such as Edgar Reitz, Omar Fast, and Eva Mattes. The festival will include world premieres and new approaches to artistic work through scent compositions, which will be presented in connection with sound, music, film and literature to provide an entirely new artistic experience. The audience will not only be able to see, experience, and hear the art works, but will able to engage their olfactory sense to smell the stories expressed through the various collaborating mediums.

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