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oqko at OHM Berlin / Saturday, 14.07.2018

oqko explores the dialectic within diverse aesthetical practices and their cartographic interrelation. Being inquisitive about todays expression forms, conceptual re/search capitalizes the understanding that is conceived as the core necessity of action.

Grischa Lichtenberger
Jessica Ekomane
Hugo Esquinca & Mario de Vega
Lvis Mejía

Grischa Lichtenberger (born 1983) is an electronic music producer, visual and installation artist living in berlin. grown up in a withdrawn farmhouse near bielefeld (westphalia), his artistic approach developed from surveying the landscape as reference for the condition of art production itself.

Jessica Ekomane is a French musician and installation artist. She was one of Berlin Community Radio’s 2017 Incubator residents. In her practice, Ekomane creates situations in which sound functions as a form of catharsis. Her work intersperses noise and melody, playing with listeners’ perception of rhythmic structures and seeking to transform the space between sound and audience.

Hugo Esquinca is a Berlin-based sound researcher from Mexico. He investigates the diverse spatio-temporal relations deriving from transductive interactions between technology and the sonorous, expanding within and beyond audibility.

Exploring the threshold of human perception and the physicality of listening, Mario de Vega´s work digs into the materiality of sound, the vulnerability of systems, materials and individuals, and the aesthetic potential of unstable arrangements.

For Lvis Mejía, art and music have the capacity to transcend their own mediums while being deeply intwined in a sense of place and community. More related to a cultural vehicle or actor, his oeuvre takes on multiple forms and expressions. At it’s core, Mejíaʼs work focus on the recurrent Why behind the mediums, a discourse triggered by the most essential contiguity where thoughts, emotions and aesthetics converge and blossom.

Everyone has a unique story – including Pang™. Ours begins in 2018 as we start to offer our products in Europe. As the word spreads and demand grows for our premium sounds, we will soon expand to reach homes and spaces in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

smog is a sound artist focusing on the phenomenon of experimentation. Using electroacoustic methods combined with digital and analogue processing, his approach takes roots in a diversity of styles such as: techno, industrial, percussion based music as well as ambient where ethereal soundscapes navigate between distorted metallic noise and flittering overtones.

Ahead of her performance on Saturday, Jessica Ekomane answered a couple of questions for our 11+3 interview series.

oqko at ohm:

Saturday, 14th July 2018 | Doors 23:59 CET | Starts 23:59 CET
OHM Berlin | Köpenicker Str. 70 | 10179

oqko | Event @ Facebook

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