Picture: Barbara Lazara by Eunice Maurice
Picture: Barbara Lazara by Eunice Maurice

Opening Common Ground: The Lazarus Effect at daadgalerie / Wednesday, 17.5.2023

The opening night of Common Ground is curated by Bárbara Lázara. She connected with two heavyweights of Berlin’s experimental performance scenes: Aérea Negrot and Wolfgang Müller. As spiritus rector of the influential group, “Die Tödliche Doris”, Wolfgang Müller was a key figure of Kreuzberg’s experimental music and art scene in the 1980es and is active as artist and performer since then. Lázara and Müller share a wide common ground of interests, especially in connecting with non-human creatures, reconstructing vanished people, or rebuilding the voice of extinct animals by its description. The title of the night, “The Lazarus Effect”, designates the disappearance and apparent extinction of taxa that later reappear unscathed in the fossil record. To connect with the absent presence of Wolfgang Müller, their performance will be supported by Ahmad Hamad.

Aérea Negrot is a flamboyant singer-producer-DJ-composer-performer in a bottle. Over the past decades, she crafted her own unique approach, combining technoid grooves, operatic vocals and abstracted pop. Aérea Negrot allows her various disciplines to overlap into something delightfully demented, bursting with personality, a classicist punk cabaret with an irresistibly high level of energy.

The evening will be round up by a DJ set from Robert Machiri who is also responsible for the Common Ground space design.

Opening Common Ground: The Lazarus Effect

17.5.2023 | Doors 19:00 | Starts 19:30 CET
daadgalerie | Oranienstraße 161 | 10969 Berlin


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