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Onyx Ashanti Artist Feature

I saw this Guy from San Francisco this Saturday here. Great Performance – check it out! Next live Event is 22.Okt.2008 / 22:30 / ExPERIMATAL ToTAL VII @ ZMF Berlin

Onyx Ashanti is of a generation of musician/artist born into a world samplers, hip hop, internet, cell phones and personal computers. Although his formative musical education was traditional (learning to play saxophone in a primary school music program), he has since transferred this aestetic into the present world of 21st century music performance. An amalgam of tradition and futurism he calls Beatjazz.

“Beatjazz is, in my mind, the natural offspring of jazz and electronic music. The devil is in the details though. When I say “jazz”, I mean the concept of jazz. In my mind (all of this comes from my own personal artistic perspective unless otherwise noted), jazz is the art of improvisation. The ability to extrapolate abstract concepts with only minor guides; key, chord progression, tempo, style, etc. it is the ability to convey oneself in any artistic circumstance. side note; IMHO, jazz has been hi jacked, abused, raped and robbed of its power over time by various HWI’s (hacks with instruments), I view jazz as a technical concept rather than the stylistic one it has been saddled with for the last 40 years or so.


Download the latest Album here