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Occultofest 2014 #2 w/ Jackie-O Motherfucker, Von Tesla & Sara Bonaventura, Ruins of Krüger @ West Germany Berlin | Saturday, 03.05.2014

Born in 1966, a child of the high Dakota plains, Tom Greenwood aka Jackie-O Motherfucker showed intermedia tendencies early on. While in high school he divided his time between visual arts (winning a scholarship from Kodak for his photographic work) and sonic arts (playing “Purple Haze” at biker rallies). He bounced around art schools of the frozen north, before ending up on the streets of Minneapolis, where he took his degree in Media Arts.

After spending the end of the ’80s immersed in the aesthetic milieu of rural scum rock, creating the splendid Project A-Bomb record label in the process, Greenwood drifted into the open bowels of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Tom found work as an art diector and participated in the Maynard Monroe-curated group show, URBAN ANALYSIS (with Nan Goldin, Rene Ricard, Lady Pink, a.o.).

Jackie-O Motherfucker | Hey! Mr Sky

Greenwood ended up in Portland, Oregon in the mid ’90s, where he headbirthed the seriously disturbed musical project that continues to this day – Jackie O Motherfucker.

An extraordinarily mutable feast, Jackie O’s music encompasses everything from industrial ho-hum to acid-volk readymades, and has included hundreds of particpants over its lifespan.

Jackie-O Motherfucker | Nice One

Under the influence of mysterious Northwest bohemians (often associated to some degree with the Holy Modal Rounders), Greenwood studied how to spin garbage into garlands. This technique proved invaluable when he drifted back to NYC, where he connected with Thurston Moore, who encouraged his conceptual moves.

In the 21st Century, Greenwood has created dual vistas of strangeness, all of them whistling like the rings around the o-mind. The musical projects – Jackie O, the U SOUND series, various shows and galleries – have blended into the visual ones, and splattered in a milion unexpected directions.

Von Tesla & Sara Bonaventura | Mondo Parallel

Von Tesla is a new project by Marco Giotto (Be Invisible Now!)  focused on the manipulation of synthetic sequences, then filtered and resampled developing hypnotic loops, sustained by powerful textures and obscure techno beats, acid sounds and deep echoes of distorted landscapes. In 2011 his first work Mondo Parallel,  available as free digital download for a limited period of time.

Later releases are Black Mirror for Tulip Records, Providing Needles for the techno label Enklav and Raised by clear acid for Boring Machines. He recently performed at the most prominent electronic Italian music festivals in Italy, like NODE, Flussi and roBOt.

Von Tesla & Sara Bonaventura | RBG

Sara Bonaventura is an art historian and a visual artistwith a MA degree in contemporary art and diverse working experience in cultural institution such as Venice Biennial and Peggy Guggenheim Collection. As a videomaker she directed and edited music videoclips, documented art installations and collaborated in multimedia performances.

She has a unique way to intertwines frame by frame drawn/cut-out animation, stop motion, analog and digital shot, foundfootage. She embraces a DIY ethic and aesthetic. At Occulto Fest 2014 Von Tesla and Sara Bonaventura will present their collaborative audiovideo show titled U M C B (Ultra Magnetic Crystal Bleed).

Ruins of Krüger | Tolerable

This year Occultofest is happy to present Berlin’s nowave-bleachfunk-psyche-truly unclassificable band Ruins of Krüger,  one of the most fiesty and interesting bands in town (and not only). RoK will also presents at Occulto Fest their new tape, out for Kitchen Leg records.

While creeping over humans waste, they transtroys elements into resonances of wrongness punk-trance and outrageous pop. Crystallized bombs or floating spheres they catapult into the chamber. With ordinary weapons the Krügers creats an atmosphere of ruinatic fun like pearl divers. You get thrown into a psychodelic abyss with no escape. Broken errors climbing clean walls until your awake. Ruins of Krüger is a sound-organism, which incorporates all its experiences in art-improvisation-performance-cooking.


Occulto Fest 2014 #2
w/ Jackie-O Motherfucker, Von Tesla & Sara Bonaventura, Ruins of Krüger

Saturday, 03 May 2014 | 20:00 CET
West Germany | Skalitzer Str. 133 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg


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