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then and now – the oberbaum bridge

1967 & 2008

The Oberbaum Bridge, connecting Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg over the Spree since 1896, is the most elaborately designed bridge. Not only street traffic, but also an above ground subway line crosses it. The supporting structure for the raised train tracks was architecturally clad and adorned with ornamental figures. The structure resembles a castle in Mark Brandenburg.

The arches of the subway viaduct and the two pointed middle towers were reconstructed true to the original after the Wall fell. When Berlin was still divided, the border ran directly along Oberbaum Bridge, which led to its decay.

During the renovations in the nineties, modern design elements by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava were added – such as the new middle section.

Berlin prides itself on having more bridges than Venice. In truth the Spree city has about 1,000 bridges of various historical styles and periods.