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Noiseberg No. 82 at Atelier Äuglein / Sunday, 03.06.2018

This month’s Noiseberg line-up is as diverse as always, consisting of musical performances taking place on both floors, back-to-back and starting early:


Päfgens: shoe contemplation /slovakia
Slovakian musicians Jana Kocisova & Filip Drabek write minimal, lo-fi shoegaze songs populated with eerie sounds, field recordings and DIY noise experiments.

Specimens: itchy drone /london
British musician Alex Ives binds together soft textures and abrasive undertones into a disturbing drone piece, generating ambiences quiet and soft and rough and troubling, but also experimental and classical at once.

Slow and Mortal: song detuned /london
A spin-off from Jonathan George Fox’s experimental project Power Therapy featuring singer Adriana Nitranska, Slow And Mortal combines sludgy detuned guitars, gentle vocals and unexpected sonic anomalies with the nerve-wracking energy of industrial rhythms. Result: brutal, broken, and majestic environments that sometimes fall apart and condense into an eerie roar — a mixture of oppressive repetitions and creeping atmospheres.

glitterandash: homemade ambient /usa
The new project of American musician Ani Samperi collides guitar, effects, and found objects in an attempt to generate compelling sonic ambiences.

Symphonia Caelifera: drone chirp /berlin
Abandoning the stage to tiny sound sources, interdisciplinary artist Diana Neranti and musician Body Fool collaborate on a performative installation using natural microtonalities layed out in space in order to create a somewhat unsettling landscape.

Arx Fatalis: noise minimal /leipzig
A minimalistic electro-acoustic duo fiddling with sounds and textures, featuring modular synthesizers, contact-microphones, and some other stuff.

Luke Swenson: words mash /salt lake city
American Poet Luke Swenson recites and vocalises pieces made of eclectic language, mouth sounds and empty syllables, delivered while navigating the space.


Noiseberg is a monthly, non-profit event. You may make a donation to the musicians — It isn’t mandatory but qualifies you as patron of the arts, which is nice.

(Photo credit: Päfgens)

Noiseberg No.82 w/ Specimens, Slow And Mortal, Arx Fatalis, Symphonia Caelifera, glitterandash + Luke Swenson

Sunday 10th June 2018 | Doors 17:00 CET | Starts 17:30 CET
Atelier Äuglein | Oppelner Strasse 12 | 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Event @ Facebook | Noiseberg @ Facebook

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