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Noc Walpurgii Festival 2018 at Köpi 137 / Monday, 30.04.2018

Noc Walpurgii 2018: Anarcha-feminist, queer-punk, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-fascist, anti-racist, and anti-nationalist. DIY and non-corporate. Friendly and inclusive. International. Intersectional. Radical and uncompromising.



Kohti Tuhoa (Helsinki, Finland)
Southern Finnish hardcore punk group comprised of people also familiar from bands such as Speedtrap, Maailmanloppu, Perikato and Kylmä Sota. Naming Framtid and Uskonto on vaara -era Rattus as principal influences. New LP is out on Southern Lord Records.

Finisterre (Köln)
Dark HC Punk with deep and radical message.

Siksa (Gniezno, Poland)
Radical, outspoken and feminist perfo-punk.

Hag (Malmö, Sweden)
To the point hardcore with members of Axe Rash, Agent Attitude.

Hyenaz (Berlin)
Electronic avant-gardists. Thinkers, dreamers, activists, and movers concerned with the multiple, with the alien-self, and above all with possibilities for self and social transformation through artistic practise and the performance of ritual.


Eat My Fear (Berlin)
xVegan Feminist Hardcorex

Cuntroaches (Berlin)
Loud and relentless

Subverse (Berlin)
Raging Anarcho HC Punk


DJane Paoloa (Polikarpa Y Sus Viciosas, Colombia)




17h00 – Info-talk about recent repressions against Russian anarchists and Anti-fa
Length: 1h
Starting November, 2017, Russian FSB (the successor to the KGB) initiated a violent crackdown on anti-fascist and anarchist activists. Starting in Penza, the repression has spread to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Crimea and by now there have been raids of anarchists and antifascists’ houses all over Russia. Activists are accused of participation in non-existent “terrorist cells”. The arrested were tortured with electric cables and shockers for many hours, brutally beaten without care whether hard damage is made and whether visible traces of beating are left. They tried to force them to testify against themselves and against each other. By now 6 people from Penza and 2 from St Petersburg still remain in prison. Those who have been spared arrest now sleep with the specter of increasingly common dawn police raids on their homes. Even journalists are bearing the brunt of this crackdown. The raids and repressions are likely to continue. This is clearly a state-fabricated conspiracy to be utilized to eradicate the anarchist movement. Comrade from St Petersburg will give little overview and talking in more detail about this particular case. Come through to learn about what’s happening and ways to support!

18h – “Our Piece of Punk – A Queer-Feminist View on The Cake” Book
Presentation + reading by Judit & Barbara. Open for Q & A from the audience
“Our Piece of Punk – A queer_feminist view on the cake” is as a book of 160 pages, in German and English, including drawings, comics, written contributions, discussions, and declarations of love about the possibilities and boundaries of queer feminism in punk. It’s not focussing on ‘once upon a time…’ and Riot Grrrl-Nostalgia:
Protagonists who currently love and live punk & DIY, with all its ups
and downs, get to talk and speak up. Meanwhile, most of the numerous books, focussing on feminism in punk, talk about protagonists and icons of the 70’s punk scene, or portrait the Riot Grrrl movement in the early 90’s as the measure for punk rock feminism. But what happened after that period? Punk is ultimately not dead – some say so at least – and up to this day critical voices speak up about racism, sexism, homo- and trans- phobia in the punk scene. It’s time to go on with these discussions, instead of letting them rest in resentment.




Noc Walpurgii Festival is presented by Emancypunx, Refuse, and AGH.


Noc Walpurgii Festival 2018

30 April, 2018 | Doors 16:00 CET | Start 17:00 CET
Köpi/Koma F | Köpenickerstraße 137 | 10179 Berlin
nocwalpurgii.wordpress.com | Event @ Facebook

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