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D/B Artist Feature: Nite Jewel | New Stones Throw Podcast 54

Nite Jewel is the performing moniker of Ramona Gonzalez. She is a composer, songwriter, and multimedia artist from Los Angeles, California, where she has exhibited a number of video and sound installation pieces.
[audio:03 What Did He Say.mp3]

A recent sound installation entitled “The Question Concerning Technology” has been transcribed to traditional notation by Human Ear Music founder, Jason Grier. She has collaborated with Julia Holter and Cole M.G.N. of Haunted Graffiti, curated an two exhibitions at the Tiny Creatures gallery, and performed the work of Michael Pisaro. She is currently a philosophy student at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

Nite Jewel / What did he say

The Nite Jewel project is a remarkable combination of revisionist Bronx pop and hazy musical impressionism. Like her ex-pop peers, Ariel Rosenberg and Geneva Jacuzzi, she records solely on portable 8-track cassette deck, often composing her songs by layered tape edits. In Nite Jewel’s case, however, the quality of her chosen medium seems to be neither a means nor an end, but rather a device to lend an ethereal kind of efficacy to the golden age of alternative disco. As influences, she has cited dance floor greats Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and Debbie Deb, 90’s R&B, as well as Experimental, New Age, and Shoe Gaze.

Here is her new Stones Throw PODCAST

Set list:
“Indian” / Baffo Banfi
“More More More” / Ray & His Court
“You Really Turn Me On” / Prophet
“War” / Bruce Haack
“Between Righteousness” / Ed N. “Sted
“I Pity Inanimate Objects” / Godley & Creme
“Remind Me” / Patrice Rushen
“Ba-benzele” / Brian Eno & Jon Hassell
“Superlady” / Jeff Phelps
“Piano Instrumental” / Joe Meek
“Siren Shallows” / Iasos

Nite Jewel / Another Horizon @ Le Truskel Paris 2009