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Nev Cottee at Roter Salon / Thursday, 30.06.2016

After breaking hearts, lifting spirits and changing lives with his debut LP, Stations’ back in 2013, Mancunian troubadour Nev Cottee returns for 2015 with his revelatory follow up ‘Strange News From The Sun’.

This time round the itinerant musician finds himself settled at Miles Copeland’s aptly named Wondefulsound, telling tales of love, loss and longing over a heady mix of psychedelic country, shimmering melody and fireside lullaby.


‘Strange News From The Sun’ casts Nev in the lead role of a lost Sergio Leone film, a lone cowboy from the Salford Delta emerging from the dust to guide us home safely. As the arrangements swell and swirl with cinematic flourish, Nev’s vocal rings clear in your heart, delivering lyrics informed by a lifetime of experience in a barritone born out of late nights and golden rye.

Tender ballads bleed into prophetic visions and swelling sonnets sit next to blissed out instrumentals as Cottee channels Lee Hazlewood, Harry Nilsson and Ennio Morricone into his own unique sound. After a spellbinding journey of enlightenment you return home with the knowledge that nothing will look quite the same again. Transportive music of the highest order.

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Nev Cottee

Thursday, 30th June 2016 | 21:00 CET
Roter Salon in der Volksbühne | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 10178 Berlin/Mitte

soundcloud.com/nevcottee | volksbuehne-berlin.de


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