Naphta + Oha Aho + SpatzHabibi at Acud Berlin / Saturday, 13.09.2014

To mark their second LP release, Polychrome Sounds have brought the five original members of Naphta back together for a one-off show at ACUD Macht Neu. The label are re-releasing Naphta’s debut LP in a limited run of 250 records.

It’s a rare gem of an album, recorded on a drunken weekend in 2007. Under extreme and seldom-occurring conditions the band forged a unique and precious sound – a one-shot recording of live compositions including plenty of improvisation and a few overdubs thrown in for good measure.

The resulting LP is an excursion into another world, with ever-changing soundscapes flashing past the portholes. Moments of high-tempo kraut crescendos are balanced with melodic wind instruments caressing the ship’s sagging sails. A spectacular swirl of drive and drift.

The band set out with the aim to play as few notes as possible on instruments they couldn’t play. The result was guitar solos played on flutes, broken synthesisers providing a crystalline sheen and an all-embracing attitude towards those moments of chemical bedlam and everything that follows.

Naphta will be joined on stage by their label mates, Oha Aho. The Swiss duo are back in Berlin with their unique style of lo-fi, cosmic kraut, after shows as far afield as Turkey and Israel.

The Polychrome Sounds founders, SpatzHabibi, will provide an all vinyl backdrop of befores and afters.

Naphta + Oha Aho + SpatzHabibi Dj team

Saturday, 13th September 2014 | 20:00 CET
Acud | Veteranenstraße 21 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte

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