Nadja, Some Became Hollow Tubes & A-Sun Amissa at Urban Spree / Friday, 04.10.2019

Obnoxious Ouroboros & Gizeh Records presents:

NADJA – Aidan Baker & Leah Buckareff create music that has been variously described as drone metal, ambient doom, and shoegaze, combining soundscapes, electronics, & atmospheric vocals, tempering the cacophony with an ethereal melodicism such that the listener is enveloped in a sublimating wall of amorphous sound. Nadja began in 2005 in Toronto, Canada & is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

SOME BECAME HOLLOW TUBES – A new project combining the talents of two of the finest producers of noise out there. Eric Quach (THISQUIETARMY, etc)’s looping layers of instrumentation give their music an ominous air but with the drumming of GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR and EXHAUST’s Aidan Girt sitting underneath it, their music has a familiarity that’s hard to shake even when hearing it for the first time. Industrial landscapes flicker before your mind’s eye and crumble again, and tension stretches time to the point where you’re not quite sure how long you’ve been listening.

A-SUN AMISSA – a music collective founded and led by Richard Knox (The Eternal Return Arkestra, The Rustle of the Stars, Shield Patterns, Glissando) that has featured an array of members and collaborators since it’s formation in 2011. Their sound touches on elements of post-rock, doom, dark-jazz and heavy drone. Recorded output has been released on Richard’s own Gizeh label as well as Belgium’s Consouling Sounds. Live, the set-up can range from a solo performance to a full band show. Dense and heavy atmospheres provide the backdrop to the sound. Layers of mournful, melancholic and ethereal melodies weave amongst the thundering beats, deep drones and intense, heaving guitars.

Nadja, Some Became Hollow Tubes & A-Sun Amissa

Friday, 4th October 2019 | Starts 19:00 CET
Urban Spree | Revelar Str. 99 | 10245 Berlin

Nadja | Some Became Hollow Tubes | A-Sun Amissa | Event @ Facebook

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