Maybe the coolest toy in the world: Check out the website

Nabaztag (Armenian for “rabbit”) is a Wi-Fi enabled electronic device in the shape of a rabbit, invented by Rafi Haladjian and Olivier Mével, and manufactured by Violet. Nabaztag is a “smart object” comparable to those manufactured by Ambient Devices; it can connect to the Internet (for example to download weather forecasts, read its owner’s email, etc). It is also fully customizable and programmable.

Out of the box, Nabaztag is 23 cm in height and weighs 418 g. It can send and receive MP3s and messages that are read out loud as well as perform the following services (by either speaking the information out loud or using indicative lights): weather forecast, stock market report, news headlines, alarm clock, e-mail alerts, RSS-Feeds, MP3-Streams and others. There is an API, with bindings for multiple programming languages including Java or Perl, available to program the Nabaztag.