Mystical Communication Service at Kultstätte Keller / Thursday, 12.05.2016

“The Fierce People” is the third album by the Berlin based psychedelic rock band “Mystical Communication Service”, which revolves around the fictional character Yanez di Mompracem.

The LP will be released on vinyl and as a digital version in May 2016, marking the end of a trilogy of records created within a very productive period for this ever-evolving band.

After the band demonstrated their love for soft psychedelica on their last album “The Marvelous Space Adventures of John Blue”, “The Fierce People” presents itself with heavy weight guitars and rough progressive rock.

Composed for a show played as a support to Damo Suzuki (Can), the 15 minute long title track evokes an apocalyptic scenario somewhere between a primeval jungle and modern factory landscapes: “Electric Miles” played with a “Shellac” attitude.


The album was recorded at the studios of Berlin’s heavy rock icons “Kadavar” and their producers work clearly shaped the fierceness of “The Fierce People”. The B side is home to two fuzz monsters, but closes this chapter for the band with a peaceful mind: a vinyl version of their first EPs’ title track “Gypsy Spirit”.

Mystical Communication Service

Thursday, 12th May 2016 | 20:00 CET
Kultstätte Keller | Karl-Marx-Straße 52 | 2nd backyard | 12043 Berlin/Neukölln | |


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