MUSIC FOR a room at Fahrbereitschaft, KNM’s Garage 51 + kulturraum / 4-13.6.2021

MUSIK FOR … is a four-part music project by Ensemble KNM Berlin that explores the different acoustic and social qualities of the performance space. With commissioned works in cooperation with singuhr projects, MUSIC FOR a room reflects the isolation we all experienced these days. The Mexican artists Leslie García and Hugo Esquinca combine the experience of solitude with the regained live experience of space and musical intensity in their works.

Leslie García‘s »The Minimum Distance Between Gestures« (2021) is an exploration of the performative and improvisational possibilities, that can be developed using machine learning algorithms as one more actor in the sound construction process. A site-specific exercise between the musicians of the Ensemble KNM Berlin and sound artist Leslie Garcia, where it seeks to generate a gestural and intuitive conversation between the interpreters and the machine, that algorithmically analyzes their gestures and searches in their memory for strategies to respond by building generative pieces in this way.

Hugo Esquinca‘s sound installation »CONDICIÓN_0621« (2021) is based on inordinate saturation and gradual deformation of a calibration microphone, leading to the permanent damage of the device during room resonance measurements. The acoustic incident is analysed and spectrally re-arranged in 54 variations for custom loudspeaker diffusion, designed to enhance the detrimental event. Each of the 54 variations are configured as individual situations for solitary attendance, each situation resulting in indeterminate activations of excessive resonance and deliberate uncontrolled amplification.

MUSIC FOR a room

4-13.6.2021 | 16:30 – 22:30 CET
Tickets: 8 / reduced 6 Euro

The performances will take place once per hour for 1–2 visitors. Please book a timed ticket before arrival.

FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, KNM’s Garage 51 + kulturraum | Herzbergstraße 40–43 in 10365 Berlin-Lichtenberg | Event @ Facebook

MUSIC FOR … is a project by Ensemble KNM Berlin in cooperation with singuhr — projects and Casa del Lago UNAM | Cultura UNAM in Mexico and in collaboration with Floating University and Fahrbereitschaft in Berlin. Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund Germany (HKF) in Berlin. The Ensemble KNM Berlin is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.
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