Music For Cinemas #6 at Filmrauschpalast Moabit / Tuesday 12.10.2019

Cinema as an audiovisual experience – Music for Cinemas (based on Brian Enos famous ambient work) pushes the screen to the background to make room for spacious sound explorations. Monthly, we’ll present three artists who are going to perform live featuring their own visual accompaniment.

Midori Hirano speaks of “waning lights” and “edges blending into fog” as some of the sensory indicators inspiring Mirrors In Mirrors – her debut on Daisart – and these Impressionistic sentiments are deeply imbued within Hirano’s delicate, restrained compositions. The hallmarks of modern classical, electronica and ambient are adopted as an assemblage to explore nuanced tones and techniques less dictated by those stylistic underpinnings, perhaps somewhere hovering between – but never too far away – keenly aware of form and function.

Lucid Grain is not a collaboration, its more a fusion between the soundscapes of Martha Plachetka & Anatol Locker. Combining modular bits with analog sound-waves. Partially abstract productions emanate from the live capture of pure analog circuits, constructing ambient vibes to balance the chaos of continually evolving acoustic worlds.

And completing another excellent tripple bill at Music for Cinemas in November is a collaboration between Tatsumi Ryusui and Saiko Ryusui.

Music For Cinemas 6 w/ MimiCof + Kaliber16, Lucid Grain, Tatsumi Ryusui+ Saiko Ryusui

Tuesday, 19th October 2019 | 19:00 CET
Filmrauschpalast Moabit | Lehrter Str. 35 | 10557 Berlin-Moabit | | Event @ Facebook

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