D/B recommended: Mount Eerie live @ festsaal kreuzberg 13.04.10

Mount Eerie (a.k.a The Microphones) is the solo project of Phil Elverum, sometimes accompanied by a wide range of collaborators both live & in the studio.
[audio:02 – i hold nothing.mp3]Since the mid-nineties, Elverum has been experimenting with lo-fidelity recording techniques and minimal song writing, crafting some of the most beautifully simple and beautifully layered music you will ever hear.

The high point of The Microphones came in 2001 with the release of The Glow Pt. 2, on K Records. Containing a mix of sparse acoustic guitar work and dense multi-layered instrumentation, all underpinning Elverum’s rough vocals, the album was critically lauded upon its release and maintains a high position in many ‘best of’ lists from the past decade. The album’s sequel of sorts, Mount Eerie, also released on K Records two years later, furthered the thematic concerns of its predecessor across 5 long tracks, revealing a new depth to Elverum’s songwriting.

Mount Eerie / “Between Two Mysteries” from Wind’s Poem (2009) (Live at Garfield Artworks, November 3, 2009)

After its release, Elverum dropped the Microphones moniker and began to perform under Mount Eerie, releasing a slew of fantastic records such as 2005’s No Flashlight: Songs of the Fulfilled Night, which recalls much of The Microphones sound of his previous releases, and the bare and haunting Dawn from 2008, written during a winter spent in a remote part of Norway, and comprised solely of Elverum’s simple acoustic guitar work and his signature vocals.  His latest album, Wind’s Poem, is influenced by Elverum’s new found appreciation for black metal, synthesized through his trademark lo-fi approach.

As well as being a talented musician, Elverum is also an accomplished artist and his releases often contain beautiful and elaborate packaging and artwork Expect Elverum to have a selection of his beautiful records and other merchandise available at his show.

Mount Eerie / “The Moon”/”Moon Sequel” (Live at the First Unitarian Church on September 17, 2008)

Supporting Mount Eerie will be Vancouver based band and close Elverum associates No Kids, playing their brand of eclectic indie pop. Members of No Kids have previously played in live incarnations of Mount Eerie and Elverum also played drums with the band on their last tour when their regular drummer was living in Berlin for 6 months.


Mount Eerie LIVE
Support: No Kids

Tuesday / 13.04.2010
Festsaal Kreuzberg / Skalitzerstr. 130 / 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

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