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Monótonos Truenos, Seiji Morimoto at Galiläakirche / Saturday 13.8.2022

Monótonos Truenos is the project of the Argentinean Violeta García (Cello) and the Colombian Carlos Quebrada (Bass) active since 2015, making part of the experimental scene of Buenos aires, Montevideo, Lima and Bogotá. this experimental duo, has being working on the fields of New music, free improvisation and performance, in 2018 they had released their first album as duo “Infierno Piso 6” by the label TVL REC.

The spontaneous construction of musical and scenic forms based on the absolute vigil between the two scenic/sound bodies. Focusing on an obsessive sighting/listening, Being an observer and object of observation and interpretation. The construction of a language based on signification and reinterpretation of the sonic gestures.
Likewise, the transformation and perversion of the musical instrument as Metaphor and aesthetic foundation. The exploration of the acoustic limits of the instrument are in full relation with the physical transformation of the instruments and sound objects.The sound, the gesture, the noise, the music the temporary structures are ephemeral and their transformation is inevitable.

Seiji Morimoto is a Japanese artist based in Berlin Germany since 2003, who works in performance, composition and installation. He focuses on fragile, unstable acoustic phenomena between everyday objects and technological media. The search for small, differentiated structures and the attempt to discover these random phenomena through and within technological media determine his work.

Morimoto has worked with Takehisa Kosugi, Olivier Di Placido, Olaf Hochherz, Ignaz Schick, Luciano Maggiore, Crys Cole, Felicity Mangan, Alessandra Eramo, Nicolas Wiese, Seijiro Murayama, Hannes Lingens, Derek Shirley, Eric Wong, Johnny Chang, Matt Pogo, Katsura Yamauchi, Makoto Oshiro, Akiko Nakayama, Yan Jun, Mario de Vega, Liz Allbee and many more. Morimoto runs the label emitter micro with Kris Limbach and Pierce Warnecke. Since 2017 he is the curator of the concert series Experimentik at Tik in Berlin.

Experimentik #56 / Monótonos Truenos, Seiji Morimoto

Saturday, 13th August 2022 | Doors 19:00 Start 20:00 CET
Galiläakirche | Rigaer Str. 9/10 | 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain

widerstandsmuseum.de | Event @ Facebook | experimentik

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