MINSKBAR NO.2 w/ Chica Paula and Debashis Sinha at DAS MINSK / Thursday, 20.7.2023

DAS MINSK’s new event format MINSKBAR will take place three times over the course of the summer exhibition. On one Thursday each month, DAS MINSK and the bar will be open longer in the evening. There will then be an opportunity to speak with mediators in the exhibition and to linger over music in Café HEDWIG and on the MINSK’s terraces.

The music program of MINSKBAR is curated by the musician and artist Robert Lippok. A DJ set by Chica Paula will ring in the evening from 7 to 9 pm, and starting at 9 pm, Debashis Sinha will play a live set. The exhibition remains open until 9pm.

Debashis Sinha’s creative output spans a broad range of genres and media, from solo audiovisual performance projects on the concert stage to the interior spaces between 2 headphones.

Driven by a deep commitment to the primacy of sound, Sinha has developed his creative voice by weaving together his own experience as a 2nd generation south Asian Canadian, his training with master drummers from various world music traditions, a love of electronic and electroacoustic music and technology, and a desire to transcend the traditional expectations of how these streams might intersect and interact.

Chica Paula combines a bold fusion of fairytale-like ambient with house, techno and electropop. Her sets are unforeseeable, dynamic and a lot of fun. The main thread is house music, but it’s far from standard. Chica loves to rebel, revels in the different, telling her “dance stories” with records curated throughout her 20 plus years of DJing

The former terrace restaurant “Minsk”, built in the 1970s in the modernist style of the GDR, has become a place of encounter between modern and contemporary art—and between people. Artworks from the former GDR, which are part of the Hasso Plattner Collection, are shown in DAS MINSK Kunsthaus in Potsdam in new contexts.

MINSKBAR NO.2 with Chica Paula and Debashis Sinha

Thursday, 20.7.2023
DAS MINSK | Max-Plack-Strasse 17 in 14473 Potsdam

dasminsk.de | Event @ Facebook | Tickets
DAS MINSK is a 5 minute walk from Potsdam main station. From Berlin​ > ICE, RB, RE, HBX, S 7

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