Our services for media partnerships and cooperations

A detailed announcement on Digital in Berlin

Our presented events get more visibility, can be seen longer on the homepage, and reach a larger audience. On the day of the event, you will be featured at the top of the website.

Manual SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your announcement

With this we improve the ranking of the announcement and the visibility in the results of the search engines.

Announcements via our social media channels.

Facebook (with over 16,000 followers and a post reach up to 75,000) and Instagram (5040 followers).

Online banner on digitalinberlin.de

300 pixels wide x 600 pixels high, animated with a maximum of 300 kilobytes. Examples can be found here on the right-hand side.

Online questionnaire with your artists for our 11+3 interview page.

We create additional relevant content and then use the questionnaire as a hook for another social media announcements.

A ticket raffle via our social media channels.

Performance Marketing: Targeted Facebook and Instagram Advertising

This allows us to reach the right people on social media. Criteria such as location and interests are tailored to your audience. Our campaigns are usually placed 7 days before the event. Depending on budget and duration, we can reach up to 15 000 music lovers in a week through our channels.

Instagram Collabs Post

Collabs Post are partner posts on Instagram that one person/brand writes and assigns to another using the co-author feature, so both accounts show this content in their feed and that increases visibility and user reach.

Co-organizer (co-host) of the Facebook event.

Your event will also appear in the Digital in Berlin event overview, increasing its reach and visibility.

Newsletter mention

Mention in our newsletter with 12,000 recipients (a paragraph with 250 to 400 characters).

Digital in Berlin is a curated platform for cultured music between avant-garde, pop culture and interdisciplinary arts.

For 15 years we have been Berlin’s musical archive, reflecting the diversity of the scene. Digital in Berlin supports, advises and develops collaborative cultural offerings, creates visibility for sectoral and cross-sectoral events and helps to make better economic use of cultural and artistic potential.

As an independent cultural agency, we are a guide in Berlin’s multi-layered cultural landscape and support selected events, concerts and festivals as a media partner.

Any questions? Michael Rosen will be happy to help you: michael@digitalinberlin.de / +49 30 12 0878 47