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Matthew Collings, Saffronkeira & Tape live at Acud Macht Neu Berlin / Sunday, 16.11.2014

Matthew Collings is a Scotland-based composer. Not only being a solo recording and live artist, he collaborates regularly with artists from all kinds of fields including musicians (e.g. Dag Rosenqvist from JASPER TX), dancers and filmmakers. He’s responsible for several installations using custom-made software, which have been exhibited at Burning Man Festival in San Francisco or Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts.


His work for films includes a specially commissioned live score for Dziga Vertov’s 1929 silent classic, ‘The Man with the Movie Camera’ and an invitation to work on ‘The Invisibles’, a commission from Amnesty International. Before settling down in Edinburgh, he lived in Iceland for six years, where he wrote a number of albums issued under the name of his lo-fi/ambient project “Sketches for Albinos” and where he met fellow collaborator Ben Frost. His music can be roughly described as ‘an elemental whorl of electro-acoustic (de)composition’ (Boomkat.com), ranging from tiny delicate moments of intimacy to all consuming noise.

Strongly influenced by avant-garde guitar music, it calls the minimal music of Steve Reich or Gavin Bryars to mind in like manner. Having received remarkable praise for his debut “Splintered Instruments”, Denovali Records is re-releasing the debut album accompanied by the release of his new and second full length album entitled “Silence Is A Rhythm Too”.

Saffronkeira is the project of the Sardinian sound researcher EUGENIO CARIA. His first meeting with the Sardinian trumpet player MARIO MASSA was at a distance. Caria saw Massa playing on a regional TV program and was immediately caught by the immersed playing style of this musician which was unknown to him at that time.


Eager to meet him, he asked several other Sardinian musicians and was lucky. He got Massa’s name and phone number, immediately called him and proposed a meeting. Massa had always dreamt of a collaboration with an electronic music artist, while Caria had always been eager to work with a trumpet player, being fascinated by this instrument since his childhood. Thus, the meeting was a big success, indeed it was love at first sight.

Tape has been around since 2000. They´ve been making something special already from the start. Music in between experimentalism, pop and folk. Their ?rst album Opera was released in 2002 by swedish label Häpna. 2003 they did their ?rst Japan tour and since then there´s been a string of activities with  touring at places like the US, many European countries, China, Japan and Taiwan. They´ve toured together w. people
like Bill Wells, David Grubbs, Tenniscoats, Ass, Efterklang and many others.

The new album from alternative music veterans Tape marks their 14th year of activity. It’s called Casino and was recorded in the legendary Atlantis studio in Stockholm by engineer Janne Hansson in December 2013. The music of Tape still continues it’s growth, in it’s own way, separated from the rest of the world in many ways. This time the emotional depth and interest in details are even stronger and clearer. The album has been mixed by Andreas Werliin and mastered by Mell Dettmer.

Matthew Collings, Saffronkeira & Tape  LIVE
presented by D/B and acud
DJs Digital in Berlin & friends

Sunday, 16.11.2014 | 19:30 CET
Acud Macht Neu! | Veteranenstraße 21 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte

matthewcollings.bandcamp.com | tape.se | saffronkeira.tumblr.com | acudmachtneu.de

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