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Masha Qrella and The Jolly Goods at Acud Macht Neu Berlin / Thursday 07.07.2016

A power evening of local heroines … with new music from Masha Quella’s new fantastic album Keys and from the Jolly Goods, comes a premiere of new songs from their third studio album which is in the works. The evening also promises to be about the strength and energy of duos on stage, songwriting with a knowing, the grit of the city, a cinematic view into relationships, yes and breakups too, about political fever and crossing lines and of course, storytelling. Some calling it Disco Pop .. maybe its Riot Grrrl or garage punk — labels — simply good music – let’s take off our hats to these ladies and honor them with a night out in Berlin with you!

Her new album “Keys” shows Berlin-based musician Masha Qrella elegantly fusing disco-pop and songwriting. Written and produced by Qrella in her studio within one year, the album’s eleven songs feature well-known elements of fragility, perfection and understatement, while walking a fine line between laconic coolness and passionate uptempo melancholia.

There is a new straightforwardness in how Qrella sings about break-ups, new beginnings, rescue pills and keys: “Please don’t give me your keys / cause I don’t wanna have to give them back again,” goes the refrain of the title track, whose deliberately sparse instrumentation is unexpectedly interrupted by the noise of traffic and construction sites. It’s one of those little irritating and surprising twists that have always been crucial to Qrella’s music.

While her earlier solo records relied on more electronic elements, stumbling beats and sonic textures, Masha Qrella now puts emphasis on her voice and songwriting. Finally, every sort of shyness seems to have vanished. “Every night another day, every day another night, every street leads to a new place than the one I used to find.” This is the opening line of the album, and you get the feeling that Masha Qrella is breaking new personal ground on this record, which marks her fourth full length for Morr Music.

Every single song on „Keys“ shows an immediate and open-hearted quality that Qrella did not quite reveal before. With this record, Masha Qrella creates a very distinct version of pop music, subtly reminding you of her love for Elliott Smith, Neil Young, Air or Metronomy, but always staying true to herself. Join her on this emotional dance floor.

Jolly Goods are the sisters Tanja Pippi and Angy Lord. They founded Jolly Goods in a basement in Rimbach, Odenwald (Germany) in 2003. Tanja Pippi sings, plays guitar, piano, and organ. Angy Lord plays drums, percussion, piano and sings backing vocals. Their music is inspired by Punk, Folk, Shoegaze, Riot Grrrl, Garage, Pop and Noise. In 2007 they released their debut album „Her.Barium“ on the berlin-based label Louisville Records. It was recorded by Lolo Blümler and Hans Unstern and mixed by Moses Schneider and Tobias Levin. 2007 and 2008 Jolly Goods played concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Sweden (via Konzertagentur Berthold Seliger). Including appearances at Volksbühne in Berlin, Palladium in Cologne for WDR Rockpalast, Fleche dor in Paris (FR) and a Girls Rock Festival in Alexandria (Egypt). In 2010 they became part of the organization and bandcoaching team of Ruby Tuesday Rock Camp for girls, trans * and inter* in Berlin.

Masha Qrella & The Jolly Goods

Thursday 7th July 2016 | 20:00
Acud Macht Neu! | Veteranenstr. 21 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte

mashaqrella.de | jollygoods.net | Event @ Facebook

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