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Masha Qrella at Festsaal Kreuzberg open air / Thursday, 08.07.2021

Following the release of her excellent new album Woanders on local label Staatsakt, Berlin indie legend Masha Qrella will play a special outdoor concert in the Festsaal Kreuzberg’s Biergarten this summer.

The musician Masha Qrella first became aware of the German author Thomas Brasch in Marion Brasch’s novel “Ab jetzt ist Ruhe.” The author’s personal perspective seemed familiar to her: A family story of GDR nomenclature from the perspective of the little sister. She started to read texts by Thomas Brasch, and they stuck with her.

In this musical dialogue with herself, her fellow musicians and guests, she confronts the audience with the intense challenges in Brasch’s poems, to participate in the struggle with the world and with one’s own existence within it. “Woanders” attempts “to think the monstrous first of all” and to create the space that Brasch yearned for as “staying where I’ve never been.” A place that connects outside and inside, “below and above the fairy tale.”

Masha Qrella LIVE

Thursday, 8th July 2021 | Doors 19:00 Start 20:00 CET
Festsaal Kreuzberg | Am Flutgraben 2 | 12435 Berlin

Festsaal-kreuzberg.de | mashaqrella.de | Event @ Facebook

Image credit: Diana Näck

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