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Markus Mehr and Stefanie Sixt at Spektrum Berlin / Friday, 12.01.2018

For their first event of the year at Spektrum in Neukölln Scope presents 2 old D/B friends, Stefanie Sixt and Markus Mehr who will present another of their stunning audio-visual performances DYSCHRONIA and also discuss their work in an artist talk.

Time is money? Or is time not just simply time? Our perception of time seems to be a driven one, a disturbed and an acceleratingly unhealthy one. Instead of living in the now and perceiving the things being around us, we are hunting from one appointment to another, on top of it every free second left is used for being online. Special offer – only until tomorrow! A lifestyle mix of greed and wastefulness. Physical presence is increasingly unnecessary, but even so there still is a lack of time. Since beginning of the human, the goal is to overcome time, immortality. Mechanic replacement parts of the body are already a reality, the upload of consciousness is part of the research currently done. The one thing being lost nowadays is loss itself, because everything has a digital footprint. It seems we have overcome time without having had a fullfilled experience of it. The precisely juncture-between sociocultural or rather philosophical observation is where the work of Stefanie Sixt and Markus Mehr starts.


In her visualization Stefanie Sixt examines the moment of transmission – the upload itself. Nothing but lines remained from photographs being damaged during the upload process – corrupt pictures. The attempt to transfer the analog world into the digital to make it immortal failed. It stands symbolically for the loss of control on the cusp of virtuality. The animated collages are created by mixing these corrupt picts with fragments of the originals. Markus Mehr is approaching the subject by representing a counter concept. DYSCHRONIA is based on one single base file, split in several sound collages during its formation process. The chronological distortions, temporal discontinuities and anachronistic artefacts influence the sound comparable to plug-ins. DYSCHRONIA is using the long term composition process which took more than five years as a creative calculus and is still a tight and complete work including seven sound sculptures close to the genres foundsounds, phonography and sound storytelling. DYSCHR0NIA is the sixth joint live piece by Stefanie Sixt and Markus Mehr (“Synchron” 2009, “Komo” 2010, “Transit” 2011, BCHIJ 2013, Re-Directed, 2015)

Markus Mehr and Stefanie Sixt

Friday 12th January 2018 | Doors 19:30
SPEKTRUMberlin | Bürknerstraße 12 | 12047 Berlin-Neukölln

scopesessions.org | spektrumberlin.de | Event @ Facebook

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