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Lumisokea + Maja Osojnik + Tara Transitory at ausland / Friday, 13.05.2016

Another appealing concert night at abroad on May 13th co-curated together with & presented by the weekly newspaper Jungle World.

Lumisokea is a Belgian-Italian duo, FORMED by Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taeggi, Both based in Berlin. Their music music can be Described as being highly tactile, rich in texture and polyrhythmic, blurring the lines between the acoustic and the electronic to create a challenging and introspective listening experience.

Lumisokea’s influences range from dub to musique concrète, various percussion music traditions from Asia and Africa, techno, noise and contemporary classical music, while remaining focused on the key elements in Their music: to induce trance-like states, to move bodies and to emphasize the tactile qualities of sound.

Maja Osojnik made a name for herself in different musical fields ,:: such as early music, contemporary, experimental, jazz, free improvisation, sound art and heavier music.

Maja composed music for theater, dance, animation movies, film, silent film and various ensembles and wrote lyrics / text for different Projects: such as Maja Osojnik ribbon Broken.Heart.Collector and Rdeča Raketa. She gave workshops in improvised music in Austria, Slovenia and Korea. She founded Maja’s music market and co-organized the 7th Viennese Soulfood Festival in 2013.
She has recorded many music productions and is giving concerts in renowned festivals and clubs all over Europe as a co-founder of different Formations, among them Broken.Heart. Collector, Rdeča Raketa, Maja Osojnik ribbon frufru, ensemble MIKADO, low Frequency Orchestra, subshrubs, Watschen Institute …

Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation makes work Which some consider art, some consider music and some consider trash. But CLEARLY, it never quite fits into contemporary categories. She is trans, nomadic and is exploring the intersections of gender, noise and ritual through performance and the collective trance. She splits his time between Asia <> europe where she directs the International // gender | o | noise \\ Underground and Organizes the trans * queer themed Translæctica events. Currently she is working on a video-art piece based on ephemeral public interventions she does with other trans * women in south-east asia.

[band camp width = 100% height = 120 album = 4245157719 size = large bgcol = ffffff linkcol = 0687f5 tracklist = false artwork = small] Tara performs solo as One Man Nation, with Truna as {23 Shadows of Amnesia} and with Pierre Bastien as Mecanation. She has collaborated extensively and her past collaborations include Bambu Wukir, Hilary Jeffrey, Iman jimbot, Richard Scott and Vincent Moon; has Performed internationally at Clubtransmediale (Berlin), donaufestival (Krems), Gaite Lyrique (Paris), Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), ISEA (Ruhr), Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei), Sonic Protest (Paris) and Styrian Autumn (Graz) amongst many others.

Presented by Digital in Berlin. Check out our Facebook page to win tickets.

Lumisokea + Maja Osojnik + Tara Transitory LIVE

Friday 13th May 2016 | Doors 20:00 | Start 21:00
Ausland | Lychener Str. 60 | 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

lumisokea.com  |  maja.klingt.org  |  onemannation.com  | ausland-berlin.de  |  Event @ Facebook


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