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Lucrecia Dalt and Jan Jelinek at Espace Diaphanes / Friday, 23.02.2018

As the first in his new series Vu De L’Extérieur Hanno Leichtmann presents a release event for the new singles on Jan Jelineks Faitiche label with Lucrecia Dalt peforming live.

Lucrecia Dalt dove into music full–time after working as a civil engineer in Colombia. Her pursuit of avant–garde sound brought her to Spain and then to Germany, where she currently resides. While highly technical, Dalt has always balanced the sharp mind of a methodical thinker with the restless heart of a passionate artist, gradually seeking a way to create hand–crafted mental states through sound, maintaining a quantity of emotionality, merging accessible, melody with abstract structures, handcrafted effects and sampling. Her recent work develops around the ideas of repositioning fiction, time perception, scale, telluric affect, repetition, vocoding and sound dynamics.

Jan Jelinek is a musician, producer and remixer. His works deal with the transformation of sounds, translating source materials from popular music into abstract, reduced textures. Bypassing traditional musical instruments, he constructs collages using tiny sound fragments from a wide variety of recording devices: tape recorders, digital samplers, media players and the like. The recordings are processed into repetitive loops that boil the original down to its essentials, the source material becoming indecipherable in most cases. In 2008, Jelinek established the faitiche label as a platform for his own experiments, for joint projects, and for work by musician friends.

Lucrecia Dalt LIVE Jan Jelinek DJ

Friday 23rd February 2018 | Doors 19:00
Espace Diaphanes | Dresdener Str. 118 | 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

diaphanes.net | Event @ Facebook

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