Loscil and Jaali at Funkhaus Berlin / Thursday, 24.10.2019

To celebrate the release of his new album “Equivalents” on Kranky Loscil comes to Berlin this October for a special live concert at the Funkhaus.

Canadian composer Scott Morgan’s 12th long-player as loscil takes its title from an influential series of early 20th century photographs by Alfred Stieglitz, abstracting clouds into miasmic, painterly canvases of smoke and shadowplay. It’s a deeply fitting analog for Morgan’s own musical process across the past two decades, fraying forms and tones into widescreen mirages of opaque texture and negative space.

The name Equivalents referred to Stieglitz’s notion of the photographs as being equivalent to his “philosophical or emotional states of mind;” the same could be said of these eight weighty, shivering chiaroscuros of sound. Each piece unfolds and evolves enigmatically, adrift in low oxygen atmospheres, shifting dramatically from pockets of density to dissipated streaks of moonlit vapor. The entirety of the record was created specifically for the album with the exception of “Equivalent 7,” which began as a dance score for frequent collaborator Vanessa Goodman. The LP version was reworked with Vancouver musician Amir Abbey aka Secret Pyramid.

For Jaali electronic music goes far beyond layering rhythm and sequence. Inspired by a pathbreaking conjunction of improvisation and structure Jaalis’ music comes into existence in the now. They manage to develop a blending connection of rhythm and harmony, drawing inspiration from the anthropomorphy of machines. Subtle darkness meets haunting melody, distorting a reflection of the vast history of electronic music.

Loscil and Jaali LIVE

Thursday, 24th October 2019 | Doors 18:30 CET | Starts 20:30 CET
Funkhaus berlin | Nalepastr. 18 | 12459 Berlin

Funkhaus Berlin | Event @ Facebook

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