listening cities : lima – KNM’s sound magazine at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT / Saturday, 21.10.2023

»listening cities« focuses on the sounds of three very different metropolitan regions of the world: Kyiv, Lima, and Taipei. The upcoming edition concentrates on sounds from Lima and invites composers and musicians from Peru to discuss indigenous culture in contemporary music.

With live concerts and interviews, the sound magazine brings original voices to the fore and offers reflections on the geographical, social, political, and historical context of creative practices.

The mixed program features various guests and music in cooperation with Macri Cáceres, a composer who explores the sonic potential of ceramic flutes and whistles inspired by pre-Hispanic, Meso, and South American models from Peru and Mexico. Next to many other works, the evening presents »Devil Curve« by Naid Cruz that addresses the ›Baguazo‹ conflict from 2009 – a confrontation between the police and the indigenous populace defending the Amazon jungle in Peru.

Kyiv, Lima, and Taipei have currently been in the center of media’s attention. Whether it’s the Russian war in Ukraine, violent unrest in Peru primarily based on social discrimination against the indigenous rural population, or mainland China’s threatened invasion of Taiwan – it is always also about the violation, rejection, and erasure of cultural identities. We want to listen to the city’s acoustic and sociocultural activities.

Macri Cáceres, born in Lima, Peru and member of RETAMA, is a performer, composer, improviser and builder of ceramic flutes. Her research into the sonic possibilities of ceramic flutes has led her to harmonic exploration during the construction process and an investigation into the creative possibilities of composition and collaboration with other artists and disciplines, most recently at Donaueschingen Global 2021. She studied music and composition at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) and was awarded the diploma in sound creation with new technologies from the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS). She is currently a fellow at Postcolonial Recherche, a project of Ensemble Recherche.

listening cities : lima – KNM’s sound magazine w/ Macri Cáceres, Naid Cruz, Pacha Wakay Munan (Dimitri Manga y Ricardo López), AnA Maria Rodriguez, Olinda Silvano and Irazema Vera
Ensemble KNM Berlin

21.10.2023 | Doors 19:00 | Starts 19:30 CET
FAHRBEREITSCHAFT Berlin – KNM’s Garage 51 | Herzbergstraße 40-43 in 10365 Berlin-Lichtenberg | Event @ Facebook

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