Lali Puna: New record & Tour

The new record is named “Our Inventions” and will be released april 2nd 2010. Lali Puna will tour in may in Germany and Europe.
[audio:01 – lali puna – faking the books.mp3] Valerie worked with Yukuhiro Takahashi on two songs on his new record “Page by Page” which was released on march, 11th 2009. You can listen to the song “Out There” on Mr. Yukuhiro Takahashis MySpace-Page. Valerie also appeared as a guestsinger on Yukuhiro Takahashis Concert at Shibyua-Ax in June 2009.

Lali Puna is a band from Weilheim, Germany close to Munich.
The group was formed in 1998 and its current members are Valerie Trebeljahr (voice and keyboards), Markus Acher (also member of The Notwist), Christoph Brandner (drums) and Christian Heiß (keyboards). The latter joined Lali Puna in 2003, after keyboard player Florian Zimmer had left the band.

B-Movie / Lali Puna

They have so far released 3 studio albums, a compilation album and several EPs, all published by the Berlin-based independent label Morr Music. Markus and Christoph are also members of Tied & Tickled Trio.