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Lalalar at Lido / Tuesday, 26.3.2024

Lalalar is back with a new album called “En Kötü Iyi Olur” on Les Disques Bongo Joe and the Turkish psychedelic band come to Berlin for a special live concert at Lido in March.

After setting European stages on fire with the release of their first LP in 2022, the almighty Turkish band returns with En Kötü Iyi Olur , an album that reflects their image: edgy, independent, political, and tremendously effective. With their roots in Anatolian poetry and sounds, but their focus on a club-oriented, uncompromising rock, Lalalar has not given up and is once again ready to turn everything upside down. Full album is awaited September 8th but we’re happy to share with you today the first single Hem Evimsin Hem Cehennemim!

The streets of Istanbul have always been a melting pot of political energy, social furore, and intense musical progression. It’s a hotbed of riotous sounds and artists looking for new outlets and sound; a bi-product of youth culture who have been living under the rule of Erdo anfor almost a decade. It’s from these streets that the band Lalalar came to fruition. The alternative electronic- activists Ali Güçlü i m ek, Barlas Tan Özemek and Alican pekare radicals in terms of their political ideology of sounds; outspoken, ideological, and full of energy, ripe for the dancefloor.

The first single “Hem Evimsin Hem Cehennemim,” draws from classic Turkish and Middle Eastern sounds before turning into a banger tailor-made for clubs and the hottest stages. Between love and addiction, the song reflects on the difficulty of intense relationships. With a killer bassline, sharp guitar riffs, and a vocal style that blends rap and singing, leaving no one indifferent, the track is made for dancers around the world. Its infectious beat and powerful sound set the tone for the album.


Tuesday, 26th March 2024 | 20:00 CET
Lido | Cuvrystrasse 7 | 10997 Berlin/Kreuzberg

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