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Labor Sonor: Translating Music Festival at Ballhaus Ost / Friday, 28.08. – Sunday, 30.08.2015

What happens, when music is translated into music? The festival LABOR SONOR : TRANSLATING MUSIC commissioned nine compositions: artists belonging to varying genres and scenes were invited to translate the music of artists, respectively of other genres and scenes, into their own music. An experimental arrangement in nine variations, and a meeting of different practices and forms of expression concurrently.

LABOR SONOR : TRANSLATING MUSIC understands musical translation as a means of exploring artistic identities, modes of thought and of working. At the same time, it acts as a process of confrontation and negotiation, of construction, and of shifting seemingly fixed boarders and differences. The focus of the festival is the variety of translation-concepts from the artists and therewith, the question of how artistic methods observe, interpret and understand one another.


Musicians who work in the field of new music, actual electronic music and intermedial music formats translate works from protagonists of Berlin’s Echtzeitmusik into their own musical praxis. Composer-Performers of Echtzeitmusik translate compositions from minimal techno, avantgarde pop, and new music. This results in re-compositions, transferences, reinterpretations and transformations crossing borders.

The diverse genres and scenes selected are musical concepts and aesthetics that were relevant for the history and origins of Echtzeitmusik, and that still form reference points in the scene’s diversity of methods of working today. LABOR SONOR, a platform for Berlin’s Echtzeitmusik, presents and investigates this diversity and heterogeneity since the year 2000.


In the festival, the hybrid existence of Echtzeitmusik—hardly identifiable in terms of style and genre—will be the starting point for a fundamental inquiry of musical identities as such.

For the accompanying symposium, musicologists were invited to investigate the artistic exploration of translation-processes from a scientific perspective. The concert program and symposium establishes two aspects of the artistic-scientific examination of the phenomena of musical translation. Find out more at laborsonor.de


The program: Friday, 28 August


– Makiko Nishikaze translating Der Kreis des Gegenstandes: Composer Nishikaze translates the music of the ‘acoustic trio with concise aesthetic framework conditions’ into a trio for piccolo flute (Klaus Schöpp), harp (Katharina Hanstedt), and tuba (Robin Hayward).
– Burkhard Beins translating Tuxedomoon: The percussionist and live electronics musician Burkhard Beins re-composes music from the early phase of the legendary New Wave Avantgarde band Tuxedomoon.
– Les Reines Prochaines translating Les Femmes Savantes: The Swiss ‘multimedia musicians’ transform the music of the Berliner composer-performers.


Saturday, 29 August

15:00–19:00  / SYMPOSIUM

Christa Brüstle, Lucio Capece, Matthias Haenisch, Christian Kesten, Felix Kubin, Matthias Maschat, Andrea Neumann, Nina Polaschegg, Sabine Sanio

21:00 / CONCERTS

– The Pitch translating Olivier Messiaen “Quatuor pour la fin du temps”: The echtzeitmusik quartet re-reads microscopically Messiaen’s iconic piece.
– Grischa Lichtenberger translating Robin Hayward: The raster-noton label artist translates the music of the tuba player and composer into experimental electronic music.
– Felix Kubin translating Splitter Orchester: The electronic artist re-composes the music of the 24-member orchestra without conductor.


Sunday, 30 August

14:00–18:00 / SYMPOSIUM

Thomas Ankersmit, Boris Baltschun, Dahlia Borsche, Werner Dafeldecker, Sabine Ercklentz, Matthias Haenisch, Robin Hayward, Grischa Lichtenberger, Sabine Sanio, Stefan Streich

20:00 / CONCERTS

– Stefan Streich with ensemble mosaik translating Thomas Ankersmit “Figueroa Terrace #1″: Composer Streich re-composes Ankersmit’s synthetic music. Performed by ensemble mosaik: Matthias Badczong & Christian Vogel (clarinets), Mathis Mayr & Niklas Seidl (violoncellos).
– Helium translating Mika Vainio: The composer-performer trio Capece / Eubanks / Olsen (2 soprano saxophones & drum set) perform the minimal techno of Mika Vainio in an acoustic format.
– Kyoka translating Annette Krebs: The solo artist from label raster-noton translates the electro-acoustic music by composer and performer Annette Krebs

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Labor Sonor: Translating Music Festival

Friday, 28 August – Sunday, 30 August 2015
Ballhaus Ost | Pappelallee 15 | 10437 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

laborsonor.de | ballhausost.de



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