Photo Credit: krautfuzz © ilan katin
Photo Credit: krautfuzz © ilan katin

krautfuzz at Urban Spree / Saturday, 23.3.2023

krautfuzz is the new, improvisational, and genre-defining fuzzkraut band that exists a little over a year after Imari Kokubo (drums), Dirk Dresselhaus (guitar, voice), and Derek Shirley (bass) had unavailingly planned to hook up with each other individually for a couple of years.

As each of them is involved in an extended variety of music (Vladislav Delay Quartet, die ANGEL, Schneider TM, faust, Piratezombiedog, Monno, The Still, Hi-Speed Dubbing, etc.), the premise is to boil down stylistic concepts to their essence by playing loud, energetic, and time-transcending music without a safety net and giving some extra attention to communication in-between each other as well as to the individual subconsciousness.

krautfuzz is embossed by an angular-futuristic tension, spanning from fuzzed-out neo-psych-rock to abstract, heavily processed minimalism, and is open at the fringes.

„Does anything really begin or end? What is time? A period of time. What does that mean? Re-create and re-visit, but time always moves forward. Never stopping. Always changing. Sound goes and goes and goes. This moment is a forward motion.“ (Ilse Redeka)

Their first release, MWM rough #1 – krautfuzz was recorded as the first piece of the second session they’ve played together and was released on September 1, 2023, on MirrorWorldMusic. The first ever concert they played in Berlin in autumn 2023 was sold out and consisted of 2 live sets; the 1st set they played as a trio, and for the 2nd set they invited surprise guest Murat Ertel (of Baba Zula), which inspired the general modus operandi for live shows in the future:

First set as a trio, and after a short break, a second set with surprise guests.


Saturday, 23.3.2023 | Doors: 20:00 / Start: 21:00 CET
Urban Spree | Revaler Straße 99 in 10245 Berlin | Event @ Facebook | Tickets
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