Krake Festival Day II: Noise Manifesto / Warning at Griessmuehle / Wednesday, 24.07.2019

Krake Festival is a festival for challenging electronic music organized by the Berlin based Killekill crew. Krake means octopus: Over the course of one week the festival spreads across various locations, tipping its tentacles into all kinds of musical styles and activities. Krake is not about genres or hype, it’s about music, that dares to step off the beaten track, about surprising performances and a down-to-earth attitude, far off the mainstream. A festival for music lovers.

On Wednesday we head to Griessmuehle, where Paula Temple presents the first Berlin showcase of her label ‘Noise Manifesto’. Having established herself as one of the driving forces in explorative techno, her imprint is renowned for its unique collaboration series. Challenging structural hierarchies in music, Noise Manifesto declares to “feature at least 50% artists who identify as trans, female, woman, non-male, non conforming or queer.” Berlin’s underground crew Warning is taking over the second room. They fill the space with their proven residents and diverse, up-and-coming talent.

Main Room: Noise Manifesto – curated by Paula Temple; Silo: Warning – curated by Warning Crew

Krake Festival Day II: Noise Manifesto / Warning

Wednesday, 24th July 2019 | Doors 23:59 CET | Starts 10:00 CET
Griessmühle | Sonnenallee 221 | 12059 Berlin

Event on RA | Event @ Facebook

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