Kool A.D. and Cult Days at Acud macht Neu / Thursday, 14.09.2017

An exciting indie-rap bill featuring two of underground California’s most prolific artists: Victor Vazquez aka KOOL A.D. and Cult Days.

KOOL A.D. is an American musician, rapper, author, and artist. He is from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. KOOL A.D. is best known for being a member of the New York-based rap group Das Racist, though he has also been a member of the bands Boy Crisis and Party Animal. KOOL A.D. has also released his own solo material, including numerous mixtapes.


As music becomes arguably more personal and nuanced the further we dive into the digital age, KOOL A.D. embodies the versatility and personality of the arts, and how they can interweave with one another. His artistic output is gigantic (music, prose, painting, video, horoscope interpreting, and much more). His lens is ever-expanding and his woozy raps and low-budget yet highly stylized videos are all individual pieces that comprise the whole picture of a modern artist. Currently working on a 100-track album project “Aztec Yoga”, KOOL A.D. trades in a form that is conceptual, transcultural and deconstructive, but nonetheless easy to bounce to.


KOOL A.D. and Cult Days LIVE

14.09.2017 | Concert start at 21:00
ACUD MACHT NEU | Veteranenstraße 21 | 10119 Berlin
KOOL A.D.  | CULT DAYS | Event @ Facebook

Read more about KOOL A.D. and Cult Days at our 11+3 interview site.

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