KOOKOO X MEDIA LOCA at OHM Gallery / Friday, 05.07.2019

We share the moon we share the stars… Kookoo’s 10th anniversary X Media Loca’s 10th anniversary. In the right place / At the right time / You can see a rainbow being defined…

It’s been ten years since Mieko Suzuki and Arno Raffeiner a.k.a. Ara started their KOOKOO adventure, back in the summer of 2009. They set out to create a playground for midnight dancers and vorspielers that very soon proved to be the ideal space for an ongoing dialogue between music, art, nightlife, and a very dedicated audience. In short: more than they could ever have hoped for. That same summer, in 2009, Mo Loschelder hurled herself into another adventure of her own and established the MEDIA LOCA platform, an agency focusing on experimental electronic music with an amazing roster ranging from Gudrun Gut to Jan Jelinek, from Natalie Beridze to Ilpo Väisänen – and now adding Mieko Suzuki.

Since then, the MEDIA LOCA universe and the KOOKOO world have grown closer and closer, and there was no question that they had to celebrate their 10th anniversaries together. For this very special occasion, they’ve put together the line-up of their dreams with several KOOKOO heroes and a selection of MEDIA LOCA all stars. Thanks to everyone involved over all these years, you know who you are. Let’s go KOOKOO! Let’s go LOCA!

…Is it yours? / Is it mine? / Is it ours to divide?
It’s not yours / It’s not mine / It belongs to us

With Electric Indigo, Frank Bretschneider, Lucrecia Dalt, El Puma, Mieko Suzuki, Ara, Yukihiro Taguchi & Carly Fischer.


Friday, 5th July 2019 | Doors 22:00 CET | Starts 22:00 CET
Ohm Gallery | Köpenicker Straße 70 | 10179 Berlin

KOOKOO | MEDIA LOCA | Electric Indigo | Frank Bretschneider | Lucrecia Dalt | El Puma | Mieko Suzuki | Yukihiro Taguchi | Carly Fischer | Event @ Facebook

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