KOOKOO feat. MARYLOU & ZOË MC PHERSON at Ohm Gallery / Friday, 6.3.2020

There’s comfort in falling. Over and out and apart and for someone. Don’t you worry. Just surrender to gravity. And to the forces of the unknown.

MARYLOU was raised between forest and ocean. She knows a thing or two about tumbling and dropping. She’s a passionate dancer, an attentive listener. Her first language is painting, she’s created an array of artworks for labels such as Mathematics Recordings, Nona Records, and Lavibe. Her vocation is music, weaving a delicate mesh of tradition, psychedelia, improvisation, and avant-garde that can be experienced on the shows she regularly hosts on Cashmere Radio and Rinse France. She finds pleasure in repetition, motion, and surprise.

ZOË MC PHERSON feeds from a myriads of sources. An interdisciplinary artist with a kaleidoscopic output, she immerses herself in String Figures (the title of her 2018 album on SVS Records) and deals with States Of Fugue (her latest project on the platform SFX that she’s launched together with artist Alessandra Leone). Her live and DJ sets mess with the fabric of electronic music. Trippy field recordings bleed into powerful percussion, complex organic structures activate forgotten muscles, puppeteering the dancers into ever new patterns of movement and joy.

It’s the singularity of their vision that units MARYLOU and ZOË MC PHERSON. It’s their shared passion for the obscure and unheard that makes them the perfect match for a joint KOOKOO appearance. Japanese haiku master Bashō might have called it “waterfall music”. The gushing of the waters coming down, the force of something new that’s about to begin.

Fine artists YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI and CARLY FISCHER will absorb these impulses and transform them into visual experience. KOOKOO hosts MIEKO SUZUKI and ARA are happy to welcome you to a night of dancing, stumbling, letting loose. And experiencing the beauty of falling together.


6.3.2020 | Doors 22:00 CET | Starts 22:00 CET
Ohm Gallery | Köpenicker Straße 70 | 10179 Berlin

https://www.facebook.com/maryloudj/ | https://zoemcpherson.xyz | Event @ Facebook

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