Photo Credit: Foto: Morvarid K
Photo Credit: Foto: Morvarid K

Kookoo w/ Marie Takahashi & Yann les Jours, Echo Ho & Yuko Kaseki at Ohm / Friday, 12.1.2024

To mark the start of its 15th year of activity, one of our favorite club music series Kookoo presents two artistic pairings, thus transforming Ohm into a space of multi-sensory discovery.

Viola player MARIE TAKAHASHI, with a background in both baroque and contemporary music, improvises to a film by YANN LES JOURS, shown for the first time in public. The concept for E(oe) _ Europa (on empathy), a work in progress that takes on different forms at each screening, focuses on the idea of dissociation vs. association, the juxtaposition of people and places, relationships and contexts, which YANN LES JOURS captures and edits to mesmerising effect using a technique akin to slow-motion time-lapse. MARIE TAKAHASHI responds to the images in real-time, with a sound palette ranging from delicate to harsh. As an improvised acoustic audiovisual show, this unique collaboration will be a first for Kookoo and for Ohm.

The second performance of the evening expands further into physical and emotive space. Sound artist and composer ECHO HO meets Butoh dancer YUKO KASEKI in a creative encounter full of energy, friction, and surprise. Through ECHO HO’s use of the qin, an ancient Chinese stringed instrument, the duo incorporates three millennia of musical history, connects it to the electronic realm, transforms it into movement that resists fixation. With this collaboration, ECHO HO & YUKO KASEKI offer access to an area between physical and spiritual expression.

The evening is inspired by India Song, a 1975 film by Marguerite Duras—a poem and a dream of a movie. It develops an intriguing sense of tension through its unprecedented interplay of image, sound, and language. Its feel has been described as “hypnotically seductive” and is symbolised by the Art Deco fan, that CARLY FISCHER reconstructed for her flyer artwork, with paper blades slicing through an atmosphere of winding suspense.

Further contributions to this multi-faceted programme come in the form of visual art from Kookoo’s resident artist YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI and sonic scenery from Kookoo hosts MIEKO SUZUKI and ARA.

Kookoo w/ Marie Takahashi & Yann les Jours, Echo Ho & Yuko Kaseki

Friday, 12.1.2024 | Starts 22:00 CET
Ohm Berlin | Köpenicker Straße 70 | 10179 Berlin | Event @ Facebook

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