Picture: Magda by Camille Blake
Picture: Magda by Camille Blake

Kookoo feat. Magda at Ohm Berlin / Friday, 1.9.2023

We are looking forward to the next Kookoo night, this time with special guest DJ and producer Magda.

When it rains on the Sun, jets of plasma fall from the skies onto the photosphere. Ejected by huge eruptions, they follow the lines of the star’s magnetic field, drawing circles and garlands of ultraviolet light into space. It is a spectacle of furnace, awe, and beauty: coronal rain.

A very similar phenomenon can be observed in music. Invisible patterns determine the flow of the fervent, glowing matter of sensation and sound that unfolds along the lines of imagination, intuition, and surprise. Magda strongly believes in this philosophy: that music is the magnetic rain of emotions.

Magda is attuned to seeing beauty and potential in the most inhospitable of places. Born in Poland, raised in Detroit, now based in Mexico, she is known globally as an adventurous and exceptional performer with a knack for bringing music together in unexpected ways. On Optimo Music, she’s just released Superconductor, a stunning album by her trio Blotter Trax (with T.B. Arthur and Hannes Strobl), based on improvisation, rhythmic exploration, and electronic psychedelia.

Her impressive body of work includes the solo album From The Fallen Page, the mix album She’s A Dancing Machine, a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, and remixes for Plastikman and Depeche Mode. With Cornerbred, a collaboration with Daniela Huerta, Magda revels in avant-garde concepts, utilizing a seemingly limitless sonic palette. With her Perm collective, active at the crossroads of art and club culture, Magda already amazed the Kookoo audience in 2019. Now she’s back for more, once again focusing on the experimental side of her DJing, drawing more surprising garlands along the lines of her artistic vision.

Carly Fischer and Yukihiro Taguchi, Kookoo’s resident visual artists, have tuned their magnetic sensorium accordingly and created works of art of mesmerizing quality. Mieko Suzuki and Ara, Kookoo’s hosts, cherish both Sun and rain, and are determined to contribute their energy to heating the plasma of emotions.

Kookoo feat. Magda

Friday, 1.9.2023 | Starts 22:00 CET
Ohm Berlin | Köpenicker Straße 70 | 10179 Berlin

facebook.com/groups/kookooberlin | Event @ Facebook

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